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It’s Turkey! And They’re A Little Bit Quirky! Etc…..

Posted by DINRIL on March 6, 2010

All right all right, we’re sorry, but you have no idea how long it took us to come up with a headline for this one.  In common with much of the Eurovision-loving world, we’ve been waiting in anticipation for this year’s Turkish entry, something which has become more common ever since they got ‘quite good’ at this whole Eurovision lark in the early part of the last decade. And finally it’s here. Now it seems to us that these days there tend to be two types of Turkish Eurovision entry – Type A being the sort that features a pretty young lady wiggling her bottom in time to a Turkish sounding pop tune with sitars and the like, Type B being a swarthy boy band who owe more than a passing debt to Linkin Park and other ‘nu metal’ types. This year we have a Type B on our hands, in the shape of MaNga’s We Could Be The Same, reminding us somewhat of 2008’s fabulous effort Deli by Mor Ve Otesi. We liiiiiiiiiiiiiiike:


4 Responses to “It’s Turkey! And They’re A Little Bit Quirky! Etc…..”

  1. gokhan said

    B type has more quality. It was nice comment Caroline. We bored on A type ladies. Although Manga has much more better songs in their carrier this song is enough to have good position in ESC rank. But if you want to listen real manga songs search for dursun zaman, bir kadin cizeceksin, dunyanin sonuna dogmusum and beni benimle birak in youtube.

  2. sweet said

    the best song is DRIP-DROP drom AZERBAIJAN
    the worst song is WE COULD BE THE SAME from TURKEY

  3. Lindsey said

    Hey, Turkey’s song “We Could Be The Same” is definetely the winner!The song has a meaning deep inside.It says “for just one night we could be the same”.It represents the love of the robot girl behind and the singer.She puts behind all her robot clothes and comes to him at the final of the song…It is very meaningful.By the way Manga is one of the greatest bands in Europe.They won the MTV’s Best European Act Award. That’s a big success.Well, I’m gonna vote for them from England.I congratulate them for all of their successes.Good luck!Vote for Turkey!

  4. derman said

    please update the topic about Turkey… and by the way i think we could be the same would be the winner… ohh lena you didnt deserve to be the first i think…

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