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Oh Just Stop It Already……

Posted by DINRIL on March 6, 2010

It was touch and go as to whether Lithuania, exponents of ever so fine Eurovision tunes (breaks into strangely dubious sounding fit of coughing) would actually be able to take part in this year’s contest or whether they would follow Montenegro, Andorra, Czech Republic and Hungary into the abyss of doom. But they are indeed present and correct – although frankly after hearing their entry we’re beginning to wonder whether staying home might not have been a bad idea. East European Funk by InCulto appears to be cut from the same cloth as LT United’s We Are The Winners – group of odd looking blokes delivering vaguely ‘amusing’ performance  – the only problem being that it lacks what limited charm that effort had. Of course in 2006 you could get away with a bit of tomfoolery as televoters like that kind of thing. This, however, is 2010 and juries don’t. Take note.

Just one thing however: is it us or is that Nicky Campbell presenting the Lithuanian national final? On a break from Watchdog duties perhaps?


4 Responses to “Oh Just Stop It Already……”

  1. armando said

    Any other year I’d dismiss this – it’s clearly derivative of Dustin and LT United and it’s trying way too hard. But it did make me smile, which not many other countries have done so far.

    Turkey isn’t bad either. Ireland, on the other hand,…

  2. Andrew said

    Oh dear. It’s not big, clever, original or even funny. And none of them are even good looking. Possibly 1 point for matching ties? Must try harder…

  3. LT said

    Hey, you have to listen to the words :). And all Eastern Europeans should support us 🙂
    Its fun funk 🙂

  4. Laticia said

    AFAICT you’ve coerevd all the bases with this answer!

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