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The Luck Of The Irish?

Posted by DINRIL on March 9, 2010

Actually, they haven’t had much in Eurovision terms lately. A brief brush with the top ten in the shape of Brian Kennedy in 2006, last place in 2007, that goddamned turkey in 2008 and Josie O’Pussycats (as we like to refer to them) in 2009, who really really should have qualified. Just how can Ireland try and claw back some kind of Eurovision credibility?As it happens, by sending the very lady who won the contest for them in 1993. Niamh Kavanagh might have longer hair and be a little curvier than when she triumphed all those years ago with In Your Eyes, but she can still belt out a big epic tune with the rest of them. And sure enough, she’ll be doing that in Oslo with It’s For You, the kind of winsome, flute-laden ballad that used to win the contest. We say USED to win, of course, because we can’t help thinking that as pleasant as this is, Eurovision has moved on and it’s just not enough to send this kind of song any more and automatically hope everybody will vote for you on account of it being Irish and a ballad. Still, we don’t expect she’ll do too badly. Although we are rather concerned by how many times during the performance her hand keeps wandering in the general direction of her bosom. Hmmmmmmm:


One Response to “The Luck Of The Irish?”

  1. Louie Clement said

    Is Ireland a sure thing in this year’s Eurovision? The people of Ireland think so.

    A recent competition asking people to guess the outright winner of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest currently has 44% of people picking Ireland as the victor in the annual singing fest.

    There is a feeling that our time has come this year and that Ireland will be bringing home the prize.

    The competition, which was launched by, the website that helps people buy what they want and sell what they don’t, has Sweden in second place with only 8% of the votes and Azerbaijan in third with 5%.

    When it comes to putting our money where our mouth is, though, the results are very different – PaddyPower currently has Azerbaijan as favourite and Ireland at 12/1 to win.

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