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The Your Country Needs You 2010 Liveblog!

Posted by DINRIL on March 12, 2010

Welcome to the live blog for Your Country Needs You 2010, the UK’s national final…..

20:04 Nothing to see here folks. We are watching EastEnders ahead of YCNY kicking off at 2030. Not sure how we are feeling about this year’s show. Can’t help feeling after the Herculean effort made in 2009 we’re being a bit half-hearted about it this year and by 2011 we’ll be back to chucking out any old nonsense song cobbled together two minutes before the submission deadline. Still, we shouldn’t dismiss the man who gave the world Rick Astley completely out of hand. Errrrrr………..

20:06 We’re bored. If you’re reading this, tell us what you’ll be eating during the show.

20:30 And we’re off and running!

20:32 It’s clips a go go.

20:34 Enter Pete Waterman. So, since Andrew Lloyd Webber played piano for Jade in Moscow last year, can we expect him to appear on stage in Oslo, possibly as one of the backing dancers. Er….

20:40 All of the contestants are singing classic Stock Aitken Waterman songs before their numbers are whittled down. First up is Karen. She is singing Kylie. She is not good.

20:42 “It’s so difficult being the first,” Graham Norton tells her. So… also thought she was rubbish then, Graham??

20:45 Alexis is up. He is singing Rick Astley. Let’s just overlook that point for now shall we? He is rather sweet and appealing although whether his voice is strong enough is another matter.

20:50 And it’s time for the first group, Uni5. They are singing Steps’ Last Thing On My Mind. Why are we not surprised?

20:54 Pete Waterman doesn’t like them. Guess they can kiss goodbye to that ticket to Oslo then.

20:57 Esma is on, singing Donna Summer. Now this is a bit more like it. She’s got the look of a Eurovision diva AND she can sing. Pete, do the decent thing….

21:00 Now we kind of like Josh as well despite our initial trepidation. That could have been more to do with the use of the words ‘I’ll be singing a Jason Donovan song,’ mind…..

21:05 And Miss Fitz round off the first part of the show with more Kylie. Girls, I don’t care if one of you is Norwegian and Simon Cowell didn’t shout at you on The X Factor, you’re rubbish.

21:08 Just enough with the Abba medley already…..

21:15 La Waterman has spoken. And your finalists are – Esma (yay!), Alexis (double yay!) and Josh (wahey!) Good call. All the crummy acts have been sent packing, which goes to show just how much sense this format makes. You can guarantee the public would have voted for one of the groups and sent us plummeting to the bottom of the scoreboard once again.

21:20 It’s nearly time for THE SONG.

21:22 The song is called That Sounds Good To Me. But will it?

21:23: That sounds, er, OK to us….

21:24: We are bopping. Helps.

21:26 We’d be quite happy with any of these finalists but it is beginning to sound like a boy’s song to some members of Team Eurovision.

21:28 Esma is doing well, she’s – oh no, she has blown it, and apologised live on stage! Which leads us to think perhaps she isn’t the one – if that happens in YCNY how would she fare in front of 20,000 people at the Telenor Arena?

21:30 And finally it’s Josh. He looks happy, he looks relaxed! Quite why he is wearing Pavel Turcu’s old cast-offs is another matter entirely…..

21:35 And the phonelines are open. Cue 15 minutes of random guff.

21:44: The Sugababes are performing. This is a good tune, can we send this one?

21:47 Love it when they drag out all the old clips. There are some here even we hadn’t seen before, like the Austrians and the football helmets. That playing the watering can one comes out every time there is a Eurovision show to be filled however. Wonder if that man has ever lived it down?

21:50 The phonelines are closed. Ooooops, we forgot to vote. Oh well, don’t suppose it’ll matter…..

21:51 Oooooh, it is Pixie. And he is whipping the crowd into a frenzy with his 2009 winner Fairytale (rumours that he was earlier seen scooting round TV Centre trying to get his photo taken with as many random newsreaders and reality TV stars as possible have been staunchly denied. And if anybody doesn’t understand this we refer you back to our 2009 coverage….) Just one question though, does he not have any other song he can perform? I mean c’mon, it’s been a year, he must have come up with something already!

21:55 And the results are in!

21:56 Esma has finished third. She is swiftly despatched as we establish a bloke will be representing us this year. But will it be Alexis – or Josh?

21:57 ‘Tis Josh! And yes, he looks shocked. As you do.

21:58 Josh reprises the song, which will of course stick in your head and drive you mad for at least the next 17 years even after it, with almost crushing inevitability, finishes 14th or something. OK, it’s not quite as bad as we were expecting but we still can’t help thinking that it might have been left over from when Steps recorded their last album. We do hope our predictions are wrong, but we shall no doubt see…..

21:59 Bored now. Anybody know what’s happening in the Greek final???????


6 Responses to “The Your Country Needs You 2010 Liveblog!”

  1. sb lincs said

    Will someone please explain PWs 1st choice of act. Esma. She is very pretty and only 17.However I have to ask the following questions. a)Has PW lost his ear for music? b)Is Esma related to PW in some way? c) Has my normally excellent TV managed to mysteriously go off key during both Esmas performances? – how unfortunate can one girl be? What is going on???? Why not just let PW decide and do away with the farce of voting!

  2. Dimitry said

    We’ll see how well it will do.
    Oh, and Estonian song is so good.

  3. Kent said

    I cannot wait to see the mother F-ing Greek final

  4. Kent said

    Giorgos Alkaios and Friends – Opa won for Greece. Best song I’ve heard so far, but not nearly as good as past Greek entries.

  5. Andrew said

    The day after the night before and I still don’t get the song or the ‘artist’. Did the BBC blow the Eurovision budget last year so we have this entertainment rationing? I fear we are going to just scrape into double figure is we’re lucky this year in Oslo. Such a wasted opportunity. Your country does not need this. Tragedy!

  6. Kent said

    I actually liked the song this year for UK. It was much better than the last couple of years.

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