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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait…..

Posted by DINRIL on March 25, 2010

There’s been a lot of talk this year about how Eurovision 2010 is set to be the worst contest in years, that the songs are dated and boring, there are too many ballads, it’s just not good enough etc etc. To which we say – well is it that 2010 is a particularly bad year or just that 2009 was an exceptionally good one and this isn’t so good by comparison? And besides, there are just enough good tunes this year (Iceland, Georgia, Romania, Denmark, Albania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, etc etc.) to ensure we’ll still have a decent contest on the night, provided you lot do the decent thing and vote them through the semis. And then there’s this, a late contender for possibly the best song of the year, from Azerbaijan. They took their time getting there but it was worth it, for Drip Drop by Safura is a cracking tune – slow and moody (without actually being a ballad), feisty, has a very strong chorus and most of all, actually sounds as though it belongs in 2010. We could have a winner on our hands here. Although note the dancers in this performance from the Ukrainian national final, who appear to be gyrating to an entirely different, faster, song. Safura, love, I’d leave them at home next time:


4 Responses to “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait…..”

  1. armando said

    Yeah, I guess this has to be the favourite at this point. I find it totally charmless, in a Dima Bilan/American Idol style.

  2. Huseyn said

    Yes you can watch up-to-date video clip from Safura

  3. sweet said

    hi. the best song is drip drop

  4. AZERBAIJAN said


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