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While We’re At It….

Posted by DINRIL on March 25, 2010

….let’s not forget about Sweden’s entry, This Is My Life by Anna Bergendahl. Because, er, we did (blush). Oh well. Easily done (rolls over for another snooze):


8 Responses to “While We’re At It….”

  1. armando said

    I like it! Pity nobody else seems to…

  2. Timoteij should have won the melodifestival.

    They would have probably won the whole thing had they represented Sweden…

  3. Kent said

    SOOOOOOOO BAD. They had so many good songs to choose from too. Such a shame

  4. eurovision said

    Actually, I didn’t like this song :(… No chances to win…

  5. Cherie said

    No need to be rude, it’s not like this is the worst song of the contest 🙂

  6. Caroline said

    No that would be Ukraine and I’m expecting the wrath of their entire population to descend upon me at any moment……:)

  7. Cherie said

    Ukraine isn’t very good this year… or Lithuania… there are so many bad and annoying songs this year, I think you’re being too hard on Anna from Sweden! At least she’s the most genuine singer this year, she has a very unique charisma… it’s sad nobody seems to get that…

  8. Caroline said

    Have you seen our interview with Anna? I thought we were quite nice……:)

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