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BREAKING NEWS: The Sunday Show?

Posted by DINRIL on April 1, 2010

Exciting news has reached us here at Team Eurovision HQ this morning of what could possibly be the biggest change to the Eurovision Song Contest format in years. According to reports, from 2011 the show will attempt to replicate the format of popular shows such as The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing by introducing a special ‘Sunday night results show’ to replace the current Saturday night voting system.

The decision to try out this new format was taken by the EBU after monitoring the viewing figures of shows such as those mentioned above, and seeing how successful they were in retaining interest among the public by spreading the show out over an entire weekend. It will be brought in on a trial basis over the next couple of years, with a view to making it permanent if it is popular.

So how will the new system work? Well apparently Saturday night’s contest will feature all the finalists as usual, and viewers will be able to vote for their favourites with the 50/50 televote-jury system remaining. On Sunday’s show the three songs with the highest number of votes will be performed again, and a panel of music industry experts similar to those on The X Factor and other such shows will vote off the one they consider to be the least worthy winner, live in the venue. The remaining two songs will then go head to head in one final battle voted for by the public, before the eventual winner is crowned.

The voting format for the semi-finals will remain unchanged for now, although it is thought that if the new system proves a success they may introduce it in a few years time and have results shows the evening after the semis, thus creating a kind of super six-day long ‘Eurovision Festival.’

“We are all very excited by this new chapter in the future of the Eurovision Song Contest,” said EBU spokesman Sven Erikson. “We are always thinking of ways in which we can improve the event and bring it up to date with current trends in popular viewing. The idea of a Sunday results show has proven to be a huge hit for many popular programmes across Europe. We hope that by introducing this format to Eurovision we can make the event bigger and better than ever, as it ventures into its seventh decade.”

For more developments on this story, check back here this afternoon.


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