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Corner Of We Were Wrong…..

Posted by DINRIL on April 12, 2010

One of the great things about the Eurovision season is the way in which songs that didn’t impress us at first eventually win us over, to the extent that we are prepared at key moments to hold up our hands and say OK, we were wrong. Such is the case with this year’s German entry. Nope, we admit, we didn’t like Lena Meyer-Landrut’s song at all at first.

But we took it away and we listened to it, and we gave it a chance – and we can now categorically say we’ve done a complete about turn and think it is indeed one of the best songs in the contest. Not because public opinion dictates so. Not because we’re aware it’s the favourite and we don’t want to look foolish when it flies to the top of the scoreboard (although we’re still not completely sure it’ll do this, it might appear too quirky to the casual voter on the night and if our first impressions were negative what will theirs be?) Simply because we’ve seen its appeal as a lovely, fresh song and possibly one of the few original efforts around this year – and while yes we still do find the lyrics a bit cringeworthy there’s something altogether charming about Lena and her weird singing.

And in fact this is what makes the Internet such a useful tool when it comes to getting to know Eurovision songs before the night. Had Germany fielded that song in, say, 1990 before the information superhighway took over everything we probably wouldn’t have heard it at all before the night (except possibly on BBC1’s late lamented ‘preview’ show) and chances are we wouldn’t have rated it at all then acted all huffy and surprised when it did well. Now we have a chance to really get to know songs and form proper opinions of them instead of just going on first impressions (and it’s not the first time we’ve done an about turn on what we think of a song – Romania 2005 springs instantly to mind). Which is what many of the postings on this blog are when it comes to songs, in an effort to keep as up to date as possible.

What will also be interesting this year is to see the effect that jury votes have on the German entry plus the new system which allows viewers to vote from the very first song. Since Germany aren’t performing until the 22nd spot in the contest this will give 21 songs before it an opportunity to gain more votes, so it’s going to have to work hard to do well. Plus we don’t know what will be before or after it – the similarly fabulous Azerbaijan on right after this could just be the nail in the coffin of a potential Berlin 2011. But then it has the advantage of jury votes on its side, which could really help propel this song to the upper echelons of the scoreboard – and it’ll be interesting to see how that helps it.

And it’s in the case of songs like this that it’s easy to see the plus side of having jury votes back in the contest. A few years back when the old school and the Big Four were struggling to make an impact in the era of 100 per cent televoting a song like this would probably have been lost in the mix. Now thanks to the combined voting it has a real chance to do as well as its peers. Let’s hope it does.

(Oh and btw we quite like the Israeli song now too. But don’t tell anybody…….:) )


5 Responses to “Corner Of We Were Wrong…..”

  1. ct said

    Don’t believe the hype. The EBU wants germans to think they have a fighting chance so they would watch the final en masse. Similar to what happened last year when Patricia Kaas and Andrew Lloyd Weber brought great viewing figures in Britain and France.

    Its only hope is to become a massive radio hit all over Europe before the contest. In fact I bet that’s what its backers hope for.

    You are right: no viewer would notice this on the night of the contest if they hadn’t heard it before. And juries have a lot of very strong ballads to choose from this year. They have no reason to support this.

    Plus, when it comes to quirky little songs, I fail to see why this is better than Russia’s for example…

  2. Caroline said

    It’ll be interesting to see how this does actually, like I say I hated it when I first heard it so that may well be the reaction of the casual viewer who is hearing the songs for the first time. It’s actually quite refreshing to see a Big Four country getting behind its song though, I’ve gotten the impression in recent years they don’t care much any more.

    I wish I could say I liked the Russian song more than I do but I just can’t warm to it sadly. Although I think it may be a bit of a dark horse. In quirky little song terms I like Estonia a LOT better…..:)

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  4. Anonymous said

    I hated the German song the first time I heard it. After a couple more listens, it was “I can’t believe I like that song – how embarrassing.” Now that I know it is popular, I can admit to other people that it is among my favorites. 🙂 I don’t know if it will make a good enough first impression, though. Being pre-qualified to the final, it only gets one chance.

    The voting throughout the show is a real wildcard this year. I really have no idea how that will affect the results.

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