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London Eurovision Fans – We Salute You!

Posted by DINRIL on May 3, 2010

Your Eurovision Blog representative is happy to report that last night’s UK Eurovision Preview Party was a fabulous, if oddly surreal, experience. London’s Shadow Lounge was packed to the rafters with fans who were treated to performances from Cypriot Welsh lads Jon Lilygreen and The Islanders, Romania’s Paula and Ovi, Ireland’s fabulous Niamh Kavanagh (who was so good and such a favourite with the crowd that we’re now predicting she will spiral straight into the top five on May 29) and the UK’s very own Josh. Who was charm itself despite being unexpectedly accosted on the stairs by us and being subjected to our mad ramblings for several minutes. Josh, you are lovely. But we’re guessing you knew that already…..

Anyway, we loved every minute of the party – the yelling ‘ROMANIA TO WIN!’ at top volume as Ovi walked past us, the random discussions with strangers at the bar about the merits of France and Serbia’s song, dancing on the stage to Bardo…..we could go on, and in fact if it weren’t for the fact it’s now daytime and the club is closed we would probably still be there in the faint hope that the Eurovision DJ might still be playing. We do however remain sceptical that the man we got talking to around 1am really was a member of InCulto. If he was, then he’d clearly given the odd checked trousers the night off.

And on that note, we’re going for a bit of a lie-down. Same time next year??

(Oh, and Thanks to sterling ESC Today correspondent and ace party organiser Barry Viniker for letting us come along……)


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