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Bon Voyage…..

Posted by DINRIL on May 20, 2010

……to our very own Josh as he prepares to make his way to Oslo – but he’s not flying there, oh no. According to BBC News,  the Royaume-Uni representative is travelling to Norway by land to try and avoid delays created by Iceland’s volcanic ash cloud, and is about to undertake an epic 36-hour journey (parts of which will be shown during BBC3’s Eurovision coverage) to get there.

So Europe, please, when you come to vote just bear in mind the Herculean effort the lad has made to get to the contest and be nice to him. And in the meantime Josh, you might want to start giving some thought to how you’re going to get back again…….


One Response to “Bon Voyage…..”

  1. Well, obviously I will be wishing Josh the very best in his attempt to bring home the big prize. However, in order to make everything considerably more bearable, I have devised a drinking game which should ensure everyone can enjoy the show. I hope you like!

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