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We hereby predict…..

Posted by DINRIL on May 24, 2010

…….that the ten countries who will qualify from Tuesday’s semi-final are as follows (in no particular order):


Why? Because we’ve had our eye on this song as a possible dark horse for months (and now everybody in Oslo who’s clapped eyes on Tom Dice during rehearsals has jumped on our ‘possible winner’ bandwagon.) Coming after the pomp of the Polish entry we think that this simple tune performed by one man and his guitar will really stand out on stage. And besides, it’s about time Belgium were back in the finals (you think we have it bad in the UK? Belgium haven’t even been in the final since 2004!). And now they will be! With a proper song that’s not in a made-up language! We’d could even venture to suggest this might win the first semi, but hey, let’s not go nuts here….


Why? Because given the great effort Hera Bjork must have made to dodge the volcanic ash cloud and make it to Oslo, it would be wholly unfair to send her straight back on the next plane (actually make that bus, train, coach or similarly slow-moving land-based vehicle). Oh and the song’s quite good too. And it’s on last. And all that guff. You get our drift.


Why? This song’s crept up on us, and it’s not until comparatively recently that we’ve realised how good the English language version is. The fact Juliana has ditched the Su Pollard haircut helps enormously too although tonsorial quibbles aside the lady really can sing. Expect this one to fly.


Why? Because it’s our favourite song this year and we’ll cry if it doesn’t. This is of course not a good reason to put a song through so let’s just say that there’s nothing else like it in the contest and given the fact the first semi-final isn’t nearly as strong as the second it will really stand out (and let’s face it anything will coming after Latvia). It is one of those songs which could benefit from a spot of neighbourly voting but to be honest we think it’ll get there on its own merits. Balkan Balkan Balkan! Etc.


Why? Because Greece always get through, do you need any other reason? This might not be quite so up to the standard of some of their recent efforts but it’s still damned good fun and deserves to make the final. Unless of course the voting public at large share our opinion that all white clothing on middle-aged men is just not a good look……


Why? Word from Oslo is that this is a powerful little number on stage so we’re going to stick our necks out and go along with that. It’s not a bad little song, if a tad old-fashioned, we reckon it could still go either way but since it sounds like one of those ones which improves vastly when performed live we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.


Why? Yes. We know. Erk. So not a favourite and we’re still somewhat crushed that they ditched the far superior Far Away in favour of this gubbins. But the Editor’s daughter (aged very nearly four) likes the sparkly butterfly outfits so on the strength of that we’ll give it our seal of approval.


Why? There are a lot of slower quirky tunes in the first half of the draw and as one of the few bona fide dance numbers in the first semi we reckon this will stand out. There’s a chance it might get forgotten since it’s the first song on Tuesday night but the new voting system should, in theory, take care of that. Plus we want Olia’s boots…..


Why? Because they’re Russia, we can’t think of any other reason other than that since this is possibly a contender for our least favourite Eurovision song of all time (and that is up against some pretty stiff competition let us tell you). But the thought of a contest without Russia just seems a tad odd to us, and we also suspect our friends in Eastern Europe might ‘get’ this song a bit more than we do. So for that reason we reckon they’re in. But we’re not happy about it. (SULK)

And finally……MALTA

Why? This was a tough one to call for us, ’twas between Malta and Finland (and we’re not entirely sure about our choice, we still think the Finns could sneak it….). But we’re going with Malta purely on the basis of the rehearsal footage we’ve seen. Of all the balladeers this year, Thea seemed one of the most natural and at ease (with the possible exception of Ireland’s Niamh Kavanagh but we’ll come to her on Thursday). Combine that with the gimmick of Birdman and you’re on to a winner. Well, a qualifier at least. We wouldn’t go that far. Either way, we’re saying that all important last spot is hers……

And on that note we’re off for an early night before the week of madness kicks off in earnest. Zzzzzzzzzzz…………


4 Responses to “We hereby predict…..”

  1. Anonymous said

    Very reasonable predictions. I have Finland and Slovakia in lieu of Iceland and Malta (the Icelandic song is probably my least favorite this year), but obviously the lower qualifiers could fall either way (or some other way).

  2. Caroline said

    Yes, I dithered over Slovakia, had them in my list for a very long time but word from Oslo is she’s not been too hot in rehearsals so I fear they might just miss the cut. Wouldn’t rule out them replacing someone like Russia however……and there I was thinking the first semi final was an easy one to predict! 🙂

  3. nicks said

    I really want slovakia and estonia in as well. Serbia is my favourite cant wait to dance like a drunken mess to that song on friday night (and hopefully sunday too) –> Eurovision weekend party in Australia!!!

    Happy semi final! keep up the good work!

    Nick. x

  4. Kent said

    Am I the only one who noticed how Greece’s costumes were exactly the same as Sakis Rouvas 2009 costumes? I wonder if there was some hand me downs going on due to the economic crisis going on in Greece…

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