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And Your First Semi-Final Qualifiers Are….

Posted by DINRIL on May 25, 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina

We have no further comment to make except for – nine out of ten! We RULE………:) (but poor Malta, she gave such a good performance and it was always going to be between her and Portugal in the battle of the ballads) Onwards and upwards to Thursday, people, when we don’t expect to get nearly so many correct…….


3 Responses to “And Your First Semi-Final Qualifiers Are….”

  1. Anonymous said

    Good job! I didn’t think Portugal would make it, even though it is one of my favorite songs this year. With everyone else disregarding it so much, I went with one of the ethnic folk songs instead (a clear mistake).

  2. Caroline said

    Thanks 🙂 I was quite surprised to have gotten so many, I won’t do so well on the second semi-final (do I risk leaving out Denmark based on the poor word of mouth from Oslo? Hmmmmmm…………) It was always going to be either Portugal or Malta and I opted for the latter in the end, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Portugal had been the jury’s choice over Malta! Oh well….I daresay my little daughter won’t object to having a lady with a big princess dress in the final!
    Felt sorry for Finland and Estonia though, both were really good. The latter never stood a chance of qualifying but the former I thought could have made it!

  3. koritsuli said

    I wish Poland qualified as well…the performance was much better than Russia or Albania…

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