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And Your Second Semi-Final finalists are….

Posted by DINRIL on May 27, 2010

as follows:











All of which means that a) we got eight out of ten which isn’t bad at all (and since we admitted Georgia and Ukraine could pull off a surprise we are prepared to count that as full marks or at least we would if anybody would let us), b) we kind of figured Denmark would still sneak in even though, to be honest, they could have been better (not sure how well they’ll do, mind) and c) what the FRICK happened to Sweden and Croatia? The latter isn’t so much of a shock but losing Sweden, who have never missed out on a semi-final qualification yet (heck, haven’t missed out on a contest since 1976) is a real shocker – even more so because word of mouth from Oslo had Anna down as a potential winner. Oh well. If it had been Denmark who missed the cut no doubt everybody would be gasping at that and hey, we did say there would be some surprises in this semi-final. We just didn’t expect that to be it…….


One Response to “And Your Second Semi-Final finalists are….”

  1. TP Loupes said

    Have my reviews done justice to the entries? I’m kind of new with the whole Eurovision thing.

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