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We Asked, They Answered: Azerbaijan

Posted by DINRIL on May 27, 2010

The lovely Safura from Azerbaijan drip drops (sorry, that is officially the worst pun of the entire season) her interview answers into the Eurovision Blog inbox…..

Introduce yourself to our readers and tell us how you ended up being Azerbaijan’s Eurovision representative this year!
My name is Safura and I’m 17 years old. I started to sign when I was three and never stopped. I started following Eurovision since 2008 when Azerbaijan competed there for the first time. When I saw a huge success of Aysel & Arash last year I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to give it a try. So here I am right now ready for the big show.

What are you most looking forward to about taking part and what can we expect from your stage show?

There will be passion with a touch of fire, because that’s what my country is all about. My song “Drip Drop” is addressed to a young men and there will be one really talented dancer from Ukraine.

Which of the other entries this year do you rate?
I really like Sopho from Georgia. Her song is very soulful and passionate. It is very emotional. I also like Manga’s song and performance.

Many Eurovision fans have said it isn’t a great year for songs, what do you think about this?
I think there is always time for a song. Just look around and see how many people are interested in Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision always suffers from accusations of political/neighbourly voting. Do you think the new voting system with the re-introduction of juries has gone some way to changing people’s minds? I think the juries will add some professional point of view to the voting process. But I believe no matter what kind of system they use there will be a winner who truly deserves it.

Have you heard the UK entry this year and if so what do you think of it? Any chance Azerbaijan  could give us some points (if we asked nicely, since frankly we need all the help we can get……?)
Yes I’ve heard the song. Josh is a good looking guy and his song is quite good as well. I am sure he will get the votes he deserves from the audience. Best wishes from me!

4 Responses to “We Asked, They Answered: Azerbaijan”

  1. Mary said

    May I ask a question?Well,please just a minute forget about politics and such kind of things and answer in this question.What do you think about Armenians song and performance?Thank you!!!Love you and your song!!!

  2. Ray said

    You were absolutely the best in every possible way, thank you!

  3. Mary said

    Thank you too!!!

  4. leyla said

    safura privet eto leyla)

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