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We Have A Running Order!

Posted by DINRIL on May 27, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen…..the running order for Saturday’s final has been decided and is as follows:


So who stands to lose from this and who stands to gain? Let’s take a look….


Armenia – sandwiched between Russia and Germany (even though the latter is strongly fancied) is fantastic news for Eva, who could well be a potential winner now (as long as her rather, how shall we put this, detailed performance doesn’t put people off)

Denmark – the last song tends to be one that people remember (let’s just gloss over Spain last year shall we?)

Ireland – not a bad draw for them at all. OK so it comes after a ballad from Belarus but the Irish song is better (while the Greek song after it is a marked contrast)

Georgia – a ballad sandwiched between two uptempo numbers means this song will stand out

Israel and Portugal – both great draws here, particularly Israel who have landed that all-important second to last slot. Whether or not the pair of them will cancel each other out is another matter entirely.

Serbia – upbeat and quirky Serbia between Belgium and Belarus can only be a good thing for them.


Azerbaijan – well someone had to go first but Azerbaijan are probably wishing it wasn’t them. It’s not impossible to win from first place – the Brotherhood Of Man did it and so did the Herreys – but it’s rare. Fingers crossed they benefit from the new voting system otherwise it could be all over for Safura…..

Cyprus – quite early on and quite similar to Belgium in tone, which might not help their chances.

Albania and Iceland – two disco-tastic numbers back to back, could cancel each other out in the same way that Israel and Portugal could. We shall see on Saturday…..


15 Responses to “We Have A Running Order!”

  1. armando said

    I think the draw has also killed off the UK’s chances of escaping the bottom – sandwiched between Greece and Georgia nobody will notice poor Josh.

    There’s just not much fun this year, Lithuania deserved to get through this evening (nobody would have missed one of the power ballads).

  2. eurovision2010 said

    the best song is DRIP-DROP,the best singer is SAFURA ALIZADEH, the best country is AZERBAIJAN

  3. EUROVISION said

    the best song is DRIP DROP

  4. надежда said

    лучшая песня – DRIP-DROP, лучший певец – Сафера Ализейдa, лучшая страна – Азербайджан

  5. надежда said

    лучшая песня – DRIP-DROP, лучший певец – Сафера, лучшая страна – Азербайджан

  6. sinikka vennola said

    How come Georgias song Shine is an old song, heard it already in 2006 sang by Sissel of Norway.

  7. Mark Butler said

    Don’t forget Teach-In also won from one

  8. Caroline said

    Good point (can you tell it was a late night last night….?)

  9. Craig T said

    Here’s a bit of trivia for you; not since 2004 has a country in the first half of the contest won (when Ukraine won in 2004 they were song no. 10).

  10. nicks said

    Im so pro Iceland after her semi performance, i also like albania too shame they are next to eachother, azerbaijan is pretty amazing. Can anyone explain what on earth was going on during hte polish perforance?

    Greetings from australia!

  11. nicks said

    ps. OVO JE BALKAN!

  12. Lindsey said

    Hey, Turkey’s song “We Could Be The Same” is definetely the winner!The song has a meaning deep inside.It says “for just one night we could be the same”.It represents the love of the robot girl behind and the singer.She puts behind all her robot clothes and comes to him at the final of the song…It is very meaningful.By the way Manga is one of the greatest bands in Europe.They won the MTV’s Best European Act Award. That’s a big success.Well, I’m gonna vote for them from England.I congratulate them for all of their successes.Good luck!Vote for Turkey!

  13. eurowom said

    Lena the best. Not only I think so

  14. diti said

    The song of Albania is the best…
    You can vote with (1 to 12) for your favorites songs …
    Vote here:

  15. diti said

    You can see results here :

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