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We Hereby Predict….Part Two

Posted by DINRIL on May 27, 2010

While we’re still dining out on our ridiculously accurate predictions for the first semi-final, the second one is giving us some headaches (and a bit of a sleepless night last night, it has to be said – although that may have something to do with snuffly nose and the sunlight streaming in at 4am…..) But hey, the second semi is tonight and Team Eurovision’s gotta do what Team Eurovision’s gotta do. So here goes, with our predictions for the second semi-final qualifiers….


Why? Easy one to start with, because they’re Turkey and they would literally have to send an orchestra of mountain goats banging on pots not to have a chance of qualifying. They deserve to though – We Could Be The Same is our favourite Turkish effort in years (even more so than Deli the other year, and we all know how much we loved that song) and the rehearsal footage we’ve seen looks like something out of Glastonbury. There’s nothing else like it this year. Result!


Why? Well Sweden haven’t lucked out on a semi-final yet but there’s a lot of positive buzz surrounding this one in Oslo and we’re beginning to think this could be the little song that could, the one that we have inevitably overlooked (there’s always one, every year….). Still think it’s pleasant rather than remarkable but rehearsal footage looks very strong indeed and this could well be the tune that appeals to the casual viewer on Saturday night who hasn’t been listening to the songs for the past 22 years as we all have. Besides, if Belgium can do it…..expect a tussle between those two for scoreboard supremacy on Saturday night!


Why? Well because it’s the favourite, it’s a lovely song with a very appealing singer, and because we want her turquoise dress. Word of mouth from Oslo is mixed, however, and while we still think this’ll make it through we’re not quite so sure about its potential to win the entire contest. Shame because we quite fancied the idea of next year’s being in the middle of the night….


Why? Because it’s a proper, solid, Eurovision song despite its rather silly title, because word of mouth on the performance is absolutely stellar and because Eva Rivas has the best hair in the entire contest. Seriously. You could stuff a mattress with it. Obviously that has no bearing on the song, however, which is excellent and deserves to qualify anyway – and if the buzz we’re hearing out of Oslo is to be believed this could even be a potential winner. So maybe we will get our contest in the middle of the night after all.


Why? We’ve been championing this one as one of our contest ‘dark horses’ for some time now (this and Belgium and they came up trumps on Tuesday) and what’s more we’ve seen these guys in action – Paula and Ovi performed at the Eurovision Preview Party in London and did a grand job. Besides, it’s a fun song, and the more of those we have in the final the better.


Why? Do we need to tell you why? Niamh Kavanagh is Eurovision royalty, she’s won it once, she’s brilliant (we saw her at the Eurovision Preview Party too and can verify this), she has a classic old-school Eurovision ballad and you just know she is going to own that stage. There’s no question of her qualifying, the real issue is – can she win it again????? Frankly we wouldn’t rule it out!


Why? Here’s a song we failed to appreciate initially, but the thing about Israel is that when they do epic ballads well they do them really, really well (and when they do them badly they do them really really badly – remember Eddie Butler in 2006 anybody? Nope, didn’t think you did). This song falls into the former category thanks to Harel Skaat and his big, powerful voice – the only slight quibbles we have are that a) from the rehearsal footage we saw he appears to be about four foot tall and looks a bit tiny and lost on that great big stage and b) this worked beautifully with the orchestra in the national final, will it look slightly lost without it in Oslo? We reckon he’s in regardless but we’re not sure this is the potential winner we once thought it was. Suspect it will do well regardless…..


Why? Eurovision veterans Femminem (who contrary to rumour are not named after a brand of ladies’ painkiller) have a decent song on their hands here although whether they can withstand the onslaught of ballads in the second semi is another matter entirely. We reckon they’ll make it because Croatia have a habit of getting into the final even when you don’t think they will, but without a lot of neighbourly buddies on their side this year they might not get there that easily.


Why? Oh we’re so not sure about this one at all. If you’d asked us two weeks ago this would have been top of our list but the winsome twosome have had some of the worst word of mouth out of rehearsals in Oslo to the extent that this High School Musical-esque arm-waver is no longer the sure thing it once was. Latest is Chanee and N’Evergreen have upped their game somewhat but if their performance does turn out to be terrible this could easily be on the next plane back to Copenhagen instead of topping the scoreboard as we thought it would be on Saturday. We’re keeping them in for now – just – as we do sense that the juries might step in and save them from the axe if the worst happens. But we’re by no means confident about this.

And finally…..


Why? Again, we are soooooooo uncertain on this front. To be honest the tenth finalist could come from anywhere – we’re hearing good things about Ukraine (not at all keen on the song but apparently the performance is very good), we think the sheer ridiculousness of the Netherlands could appeal to the old school audience, and Lithuania could even make it into the final on the strength of their sparkly pants. And we still love the Georgian song in spite of the rather silly performance that appears to be accompanying it. Cyprus however we reckon is a safe bet – it’s a good, solid song, nicely performed, and the only real danger is whether it’ll be lost in the mix of ballads a bit (bearing in mind it’s on right before Croatia and Georgia in the running order). And with Greece already in the final they’ll be guaranteed at least one ‘douze points’.

So there you have it. Onwards to the semi-final with a good deal of trepidation and guaranteed licking of wounds to follow………


4 Responses to “We Hereby Predict….Part Two”

  1. Anonymous said

    Very reasonable (if somewhat safe, at least as far as one can make safe predictions for this semi-final) predictions again. I obviously don’t have the exact same order, but I do have the same songs, except that I went with Ukraine instead of Cyprus for the tenth spot (I just don’t like betting against the east πŸ™‚ ). Despite the reports on Denmark (and the rehearsals didn’t look that bad to me), I still think they will qualify easily, given that Thomas is well-known in the east (he lives in Moscow), plus their promotional tour stopped in several eastern contries, as well.

  2. Caroline said

    Oh well……better to play it safe than to face hoots of derision on Friday morning! I do think there will be one or two surprises though – I really wouldn’t put it past Lithuania or the Netherlands to sneak in there instead of one of the predicted finalists, equally I wouldn’t rule out Ukraine or Georgia replacing Denmark or Cyprus. Oh well, we shall see……
    It’s in no particular order btw, just the order I remembered them! πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous said

      The order you remember them roughly corresponds to their quality I would imagine. πŸ™‚

      Looks like “everybody” got 8/10 (having Sweden and Croatia in, with some combination of Cyprus, Denmark, Georgia, and Ukraine out).

  3. Serkan said


    Why? Easy one to start with, because they’re Turkey and they would literally have to send an orchestra of mountain goats banging on pots not to have a chance of qualifying. […..] Result!

    Think again πŸ˜‰

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