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Our Final Two Cents Worth….

Posted by DINRIL on May 29, 2010

So here we are folks. Just a few more hours to go before the 2010 final takes to the stage (and henceforth another six hours or so to go before it’s all over for another year and we have to return to the real world for a while before some ridiculously early bird like Albania chooses their song for 2011 and the whole process begins again. But anyway….) Eurovision season seems to have gone on for longer than ever this year, possibly because we got more into the national finals than we ever have done in the past, possibly because – well it has.

We remember a dim and distant past when Terry Wogan would introduce a preview of the songs one Sunday afternoon, you’d hear them again at the final the following Saturday and that would be it. In other words you’d hear them twice and then probably never again with the possible exception of the UK song if you were foolhardy enough to have bought the single.

It’s all different these days of course. The Internet, streaming coverage of national finals, the chance to hear the songs over and over and over and over and over again before the big night, actually gives the whole thing a sense of longevity and, we think, makes it a bit more of an event. That said….we have absolutely NO idea who will win this year. Unlike last year when we knew that pixie would just run away with victory from the very first twang of his violin bow, this is one of the most wide open contests in years. We were predicting Germany and Denmark for glory. We then added Azerbaijan and Israel to the list. Then we thought it might be Armenia.  Then we decided it was between Belgium and Ireland. Then Sweden (hmmmmmm, maybe that wasn’t such a good prediction…..). Then we woke up this morning and decided categorically it would be a fight to the finish between Romania and Cyprus. Or possibly Denmark and Germany were back in contention. The truth is, we just don’t know! It’s far easier to tell you who it won’t be this year than who will take the title. And in theory – unless an achingly predictable winner does emerge early on – that could make for a far more exciting contest than the 2009 one.

We shall be keeping everything crossed. And we shall see you back here later for the live blog…..


2 Responses to “Our Final Two Cents Worth….”

  1. peter campbell said

    If camp little graham norton kept his mouth shut we could all enjoy the english commentary of the two hosts. Incidentally, UK not a hope in hell. My money is on France – poste3d before the voting began. 10-10pm uk time

  2. maria said

    I totally agree, why is Graham Norton commenting , his comments are so stupid and not nice to some people giving the points, he should have a look at himself before talking about other people’s outfits and the way they speak. Very unprofessional and not necessary. He would have been better to shut it for once. He is not being funny at all..

    Graham Norton keep your mouth shut, you are disturbing me and many!!!

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