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Welcome To The Eurovision 2010 Liveblog!

Posted by DINRIL on May 29, 2010

Hello people! Once again your friend Eurovision Blog will be liveblogging events from the final as they happen. So come along and join us. It’ll be fun. And we promise not to be too bitter…..:)

1935 There is nothing happening. Apart from the preparation of snack food and Pimms and the editor’s small daughter (aka Junior Eurovision) asking when Spain are coming on. ……

1954 Bucks Fizz are on the Eurovision-themed National Lottery draw. Except one of them appears to be missing….

2000 We have song contest!

2002 How to explain Eurovision to a four-year-old? Oh yes that’s right, point out last year’s winner has the same name as a character in Peppa Pig…..

2004 Alexander Rybak has taken to the stage. Hang on, didn’t this song win already?

2009 Er, how come we can start voting now? Nobody’s sung anything!

2010 Enter Azerbaijan to kick things off.

2011 Don’t know about you lot but we kind of miss the manic dancers Safura had behind her in the Ukrainian national final. Otherwise, a big improvement on Thursday night. But can she win from pole position?

2014 Those screens of people watching at home are worrying us. We keep thinking they will flash to us sat here in our nightie any second.

2015 Oh my, there is a stage invader during Spain. We have just exploded with mirth.

2020 Kudos to Daniel for carrying on regardless. And now Norway’s Didrik is on. He’s certainly very pretty but this just seems a tad dull after the Spanish shenanigans…..

2021 Finally, it is time to dance courtesy of Moldova! Wonder if Romania will give them 12 points…….?

2024 Loved Moldova, as did Junior Eurovision.

2027 Cyprus of course represents the UK’s best chance of success and the Welsh lads have done us proud.

2032 Once again Bosnia and Herzegovina left us a little bit ‘meh’. But here comes our predicted winner, lovely Tom from Belgium….

2034 Is it just us or does he look a bit like Matthew Horne?

2035 Winner. Possibly.

2039 Ovo Je Balkan is fast becoming one of our favourite Eurovision entries ever. Although we have to admit, he does look a bit like the lovechild of Heather Mills.

2042 The Belarussian butterfly effect never gets any better the more you see it. Let’s just say James Cameron won’t be losing any sleep.

2044 BREAKING NEWS! Spain to perform again after Denmark due to pitch invasion!

2045 And it’s time for Eurovision royalty. Niamh Kavanagh is such a Eurovision legend we are prepared to forgive her anything. Even her lumpy purple dress.

2050 We are beginning to think Greece might do quite well. Although it is still a good indication of why all white is so not good a look on middle-aged men

2054 And…’s time for the United Kingdom!

2056 Errrrrrrrrr…….well he’s done his best given the song. Let’s just leave it there.

2101 Georgia is a welcome relief after the UK but please, put some shoes on woman!

2102 We are sharpening our guitar plinths in preparation for the Turks.

2104 Is that The Stig from Top Gear?

2105 Albania’s Juliana is sporting some very nice hair that wouldn’t have been out of place in an episode of Charlie’s Angels.

2108 Iceland’s Hera is brilliant tonight. Would it be jumping the gun a bit to say she might have a brush with the top five?

2111 Ukraine’s Alyosha is up, once again looking like something out of The Blair Witch Project. We were impressed by her performance on Thursday but now we’re finding it just a touch tedious. Next!

2115 France is an unknown quantity and we weren’t expecting great things – but my goodness, we love it! It’s trashy, yes, but so energetic and fun. Even if it is, basically, a football chant. Tres bien!

2121 Time for one of our favourites now, Romania – and we still love it to bits, and yes it is still one of our ‘dark horses’. We’re guessing that Paula had to use a LOT of baby powder to get into that catsuit, mind.

2125 Sorry but we just do not like the Russian song, however much we try. Still, perhaps we need songs like this in the final so there are people other than the UK to come last?

2126 Is that Steve Buscemi on guitar?

2130 Armenia’s Eva Rivas is taking to the stage – and yes, once again the performance begins on a close up of her ample breasts. Put it AWAY Mr Pervy Norwegian cameraman!

2135 We are hyperventilating at the thought of Germany….

2137 LOVE IT. End of.

2139 Lovely to have Portugal back in the running but we really do think now might be the time to go and get the cheesecake out of the fridge.

2144 Israel’s Harel is vastly improved on Thursday night. Still not sure this is the winner everybody has said it is though. And he still appears to be about four foot tall…..

2148 And finally…it’s Denmark. Which the casual viewer has pointed out sounds a bit like Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship. Er…….

2152 Spain are back! Only fair to give them another chance really, although actually we thought the stage invasion livened it up!

2155 And we’re done! And taking a brief break while we check out what’s happening in Britain’s Got Talent. We’re nothing if not multi-taskers…..

2156 Can we just get these presenters to host EVERY YEAR?

2220 Flashmob was ACE. Have to say we love those little green room ‘pods’ as well. Thinking of getting Eurovision HQ re-done in that style….

2222 It’s time for the voting! Josh might want to duck out the back at this point….

2224 Was that Barry from EastEnders pretending to be Svante Stockselius?

2225 Romania first. Expect an early lead for Moldova….

2226 12 from Romania to Denmark! Is this going to be as predictable as we first thought?

2226 Yay, points for the UK! We are on the left hand side of the scoreboard! Will this actually be a Danish whitewash?

2228 Oh yes, go Belgium! Er, and Germany….

2229 Good old predictable Serbia giving their 12 to Bosnia and Herzegovina

2230 The most serious man in Albania has just appeared on our telly. And they have given a point to the UK!!!!!!!!! GASP!!!!!!

2231 Nice to see the lady from Turkey dressed up for the occasion.

2231 Finally, Azerbaijan get the 12. WHAT is going on with Ireland exactly….?

2234 Loving the eclectic voting. Much more fun than last year…..

2235 Nice to see Bosnia and Herzegovina returning the favour to Serbia.

2238 ‘Russia will give the 12 to….Armenia’, we said about two seconds before it happened. Well they are nothing if not predictable.

2239 Portugal have given one point to Germany!

2240 Wahey! Two points from Azerbaijan!

2244 Has anybody else noticed how well France are doing??

2245 We are liking this top five so far. All songs among our favourites and we can declare ourselves official smarty pants for predicting Germany and La Belgique….

2251 Israel picking up quite a few points now but is it too little too late?

2252 Should we be packing our bags for Berlin or Istanbul? Gosh we are confused…..

2254 Berlin, we are thinking….

2255 Even Malta didn’t give the UK any points! We are saying NOTHING. Anyway, who cares since our favourite song is winning……

2258 We are patting ourselves on the back for predicting virtually the entire top five…..

2302 The UK are up! Thought we would give more points to Germany….

2306 No expense spared for the Moldovan jury, it seems. Is that painted on cardboard?

2307 Belarus now just one point behind us. Still time for us to come last, yay!

2308 Good Lord. The UK are now in double figures. Thank you very much Georgia!

2308 Indeed, thank you Georgia. We are now last. Hurrah!

2310 Am thinking possibly the UK can’t win now?

2311 So Germany have won, UK have come last. Entirely as many people, including ourselves, have predicted. Everybody wins. Possibly. Perhaps we will go back to taking it seriously in 2011?

2312 But what the heck? YAY for the best song. We are thinking that this is the first time that a Big Four country has defied the critics and won. So indeed it can be done. And at least the Germans now have a more credible Eurovision winner on their hands than A Little Peace…..

2316 Actually we knew she’d win, since the editor’s daughter’s middle name (one of her middle names) is Lena. It was a sign, we tell you!

2317 It’s all over bar the reprise. And with that we prepare to return to the real world…..let’s just hope the Germans do a better job of 2011 than they did last time they hosted……


8 Responses to “Welcome To The Eurovision 2010 Liveblog!”

  1. Anonymous said

    First of all, I have to say that I have only correctly picked the winner one time (last year – that was a real toughie 🙂 ), so that might give those who disagree with me hope. In my defense, though, I will say that twice I have picked as winners songs that beat the eventual winner in a/the semi-final, only to go on to lose the eventual winner in the final.

    In a year where there are no dominant songs, it makes the most sense to me to go with the proven vote getters (the ones with large diaspora) – they will ALWAYS deliver the votes, while ordinary fans split theirs. There are only a couple of songs that really seem certain to pull in points from everywhere, and one of those has had millions of Euros spent on its behalf for promotion, so I am picking Azerbaijan as the winner this year.

    A few other thoughts:

    1. Watch the money. Just as people betting on elections are more accurate at predicting their outcomes than pollsters, Azerbaijan remains the betting favorite.

    2. What’s to stop Azerbaijan from blowing another million Euros on sim cards given to their sycophants to boost their totals?

    3. With the contest so open, the songs I picked to do well seems like “safe” choices (which should minimize the chances of looking foolish 🙂 ).

    4. I absolutely can’t stand the entry (the song itself is not so bad, but I am specifically referring to the choreography, performer, and promotion), so picking them as the winner will provide a small consolation if in fact they do win (though I do hope I am wrong).

    As for the rest,

    What I WANT:
    01 Belgium
    02 Romania
    03 Germany
    04 Denmark
    05 Portugal
    06 Serbia
    07 France
    08 Albania
    09 Russia
    10 Moldova
    11 Turkey
    12 Georgia
    13 Ukraine
    14 Armenia
    15 Ireland
    16 Belarus
    17 Norway
    18 Cyprus
    19 Bosnia and Herzegovina
    20 United Kingdom
    21 Spain
    22 Israel
    23 Greece
    24 Iceland
    25 Azerbaijan

    What I EXPECT:
    01 Azerbaijan
    02 Armenia
    03 Turkey
    04 Greece
    05 Belgium
    06 Denmark
    07 Germany
    08 Serbia
    09 Romania
    10 Georgia
    11 Ukraine
    12 Portugal
    13 Russia
    14 Ireland
    15 Spain
    16 Cyprus
    17 Israel
    18 Albania
    19 Norway
    20 Bosnia and Herzegovina
    21 Moldova
    22 France
    23 Iceland
    24 Belarus
    25 United Kingdom

  2. Jorge said

    Hello 🙂

    Nice site!

    I just want to say: VOTE PORTUGAL! 😀

    My favourites are:

    1- Belgium
    2- Norway
    3- Israel
    4- Romania
    5- Germany

  3. elizabeth said

    BelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgiumBelgium come on!

    • India said

      Great scene and exposure Michael. I also like the post processing on it. Did you tone-map a single image here? It has some of the Ѧlook≻ of HDR but I’m assuming it’s a single capture given the long exposure?Anyway great work! Nice blog too…

  4. Anonymous said

    What I got wrong:

    I completely overestimated the affect of the diaspora vote in an “open” year, and put four of the “usual suspects” at the top of my ranking.

    France gave a much better performance than I expected, and way outperformed my expectations.

    What I got right:

    NINE of the top ten, baby. I had Serbia in eighth place (they finished thirteenth) and I Ukraine in eleventh (they finished tenth).

    Poor finishes by United Kingdom (well, that was obvious), Belarus (also obvious) Cyprus (I knew they weren’t going to do anything, but I STILL overestimated them), Iceland, Moldova, and Norway (why was that ever regarded?).

    I also had many of the songs that finished mid-table near their actual position: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Russia, and Spain.

    Many of the songs I really liked (Germany Denmark, Romania) did even better than I expected. Congratulations to all of them.

  5. englistics said

    So what did Germany, the clear winner, and the UK, the clear loser, have in common? They shared some of the worst lyrics at 2010 Eurovision………

    “I even did my hair for you” opined the Girl from Germany, that’s love then! This was followed up by the classic “I bought new underwear that’s blue, And I wore it just the other day”. I don’t think we we need to mention the poverty of rhythm, tone, timbre and lyrics in the UK entry. But experiencing a tune so enpoverished and lyrics so bad has convinced me that SAW are now dinosaurs and the midas touch has left them for good.

    The real winners tonight I think are:

    1. Cyprus and Armenia for strength of lyrics and performances by unknowns.
    2. Turkey for performance by known artist – but not lyrics.
    2. Armenia,for political point scoring over Turkey.( )
    3. (Prediction) Iceland for most commercial song in terms of lyrics, long tail success and revenue.

    And losers:

    1. Denmark (Police “Every Breathe… ) and UK (Kim Wilde, Kids in America) for plagiarism.
    2. UK for being truly dreadful and amateurish
    3. Azerbaijan for trying to buy success and failing so abysmally

    More at:

  6. Kent said

    What the heck? Why do people love Belguim so much? Their song this year was a snooze fest. My top 5 are:

    1. Azerbaijan
    2. Ireland
    3. Norway
    4. Greece
    5. Denmark

  7. Sunshine said

    Just stumbled upon this blog in my post-ESC euphoria and must say – really good blog (and I’m not just saying it because you loved Lena’s song!^^)!

    I didn’t think that Lena would win, probably just because. *g* I mean, I really loved her song, but the ESC can be very unpredictable, so it was safer to be a bit pessimistic. So, uhm, thanks for backing us (4 points… ah well, at least we got some points from the UK *g*). 🙂

    I really liked Belgium’s song, very nice and something I can listen to in my free time as well. Romania was also really good, catchy chorus.

    There were too many ballads this year, all so very similar… no wonder they didn’t do that well. The French song will be this year’s soccer hymn of course. *g*

    Azerbaijan is overrated.*g* It just didn’t get me. *shrugs* Belarus was funny. As our commentator said “Kitsch as kitsch can. A whole lot of Christmas decoration on stage.” Love him.

    Well, it’s actually not clear if the show will be in Berlin. It would make sense, but some other cities (e.g. Hamburg) want to host the contest as well. We’ll see. I’m hoping for our voting presenter as the host, but we could get the Norwegian hosts as well. 🙂

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