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While We’re At It….

Posted by DINRIL on May 29, 2010

……trying on our costume for the final, are we Niamh??????


2 Responses to “While We’re At It….”

  1. Emma Fielding said

    I moved to Sydney 10 years ago and decided to have a ‘blast of years past’ by tuning into eurovision 2010 this weekend. Not realising that NK was back in the game I was most excited to get to see her again. OMG – what happenend? all the other countries were professionally presented, groomed, polished, trendy or stylish (one or two were OTT – agreeed)but at least hair and make up was attended to….. what have you done to your self branding Ireland?? Was it NK or the stylist team or a lack of any funds that presented a ‘Peig’ version of Ireland? hair ‘screamed!’ give me conditioner!, nails (no comment), dress (or ex panto loan item)could have at least been ironed, make up artists had clearly forgotten to extend beyond foundation and really could NK have done some clever coverage with some enhancng underwear?
    There is no excuse to be sloppy and thats what presented on the night – Ireland and NK – I am dismayed and was quite embaressed to be the irish person there on the night. When did self grooming become too much for an international stage? Crikey Ireland I apprecaite its a tough economy but surely it would have been a small budget well spent? It shows some self respect which is never amiss. I intend a visit to the homeland in July but seeing last night will entice me to not bother with the toiletries!
    Come on NK and Ireland – youre capable of better….

  2. At Gentleman’s Quarters in Denver, Colorado USA we could not agree more. Dressing down and throwing good grooming aside in the name of being trendy and fashion-forward has become an international epidemic for both men and women. Dressing well need not cost extra and good grooming is well….something everyone should practice. It speaks to character.

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