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Phew, it’s all go!

Posted by DINRIL on July 31, 2010

Just when we thought we could take a break from all this Eurovision malarkey and go and sit in the sun for a bit, along comes some exciting news about the 2011 contest (2011? We can’t even think past next week! But anyway….).

It seems that the tiny nation of Liechtenstein,  following years of speculation, is finally set to make its debut on the Eurovision stage next year after their main TV channel 1FLTV applied for membership of the EBU. And if all goes according to plan, they will reportedly select their entrant for Germany via a “major international casting show” not dissimilar to Unser Star Fur Oslo, the show which propelled Lena Meyer-Landrut to Eurovision to stardom (not to mention Eurovision victory).

If Liechtenstein do make it to 2011’s contest of course that will leave Kosovo and Vatican City as the only European nations never to have participated in the contest. The former is of course a very real possibility but somehow we can’t see the latter happening, although we have no doubt the country has a wealth of singing talent, and what’s more we’d love to see who they could get to announce their votes. The Pope, perhaps?

Meanwhile, as we wait with bated breath for the possible arrival of a new country on the Eurovision stage, news reaches us of one very old participant who’ll be returning in 2011. It seems that Austria, who flounced a few years ago following a string of poor results, have finally decided to come down from their high horse and join the rest of the Eurovision family in Germany next year. Let’s be honest – who didn’t see that one coming a mile off? Now all we have to do is persuade Hungary, Czech Republic, Andorra, Montenegro, Monaco, Luxembourg, San Marino and Italy to return and we’ll be laughing. To say nothing of having to sit through a VERY long contest…..


5 Responses to “Phew, it’s all go!”

  1. Kent said

    Liechtenstein!!! I hope they do not dissapoint me! I have been waiting =D

  2. Kent said

    I don’t think Vatican City will because Italy doesn’t really respond well to ESC. Those songs are never hits in that country.

  3. said

    Menowin Fröhlich: Schadenersatzklage durch Veranstalter?…

    Wie auch immmer – der Beitrag von euch trifft es auf den Punkt! Ich denke auch, dass es so ist….

  4. eurovision said

    I`m agree with kent

  5. Hope you enjoy this! How to throw a truly amazing Eurovision party!

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