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Posted by DINRIL on December 22, 2010

They’re under starters orders…….and they’re away, with the first song of the 2011 Eurovision season (yup, that’s right. The first song has been chosen already. We know, choosing a song at the beginning of December for a contest which isn’t taking place for five months is a bit like having Christmas in June but who are we to complain…..?). Now normally it’s Albania who gets the ball rolling, but in this instance an unusually keen Switzerland has beaten them to it with their effort, a winsome little ditty entitled In Love For A While by Anna Rossinelli. A song we can only sum up as pleasant but forgettable. Which is pretty much what we’ve thought of every single Swiss entry since about 1874. Albania will be weighing in at the weekend with the next song for Dusseldorf, but in the mean time heeeeeeere’s the Swiss…….


One Response to “First!”

  1. elizabeth said

    You see what they’re doing though… wonder how many other entries this year will involve a young girl in a black dress, weird arm movement dance moves and a plinky plonky song.

    Funny logic to think that doing the same thing twice will work, but hey, if Germany themselves can do it… 😉 😉

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