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32 Seconds Of Your Life You Will Never Get Back….

Posted by DINRIL on February 5, 2011

……but should you remain unruffled by such a possibility, then head on over here and check out a sneak peek of Lipstick, Jedward’s bid for the Irish ticket to Dusseldorf. Yup, undeterred by the fact that their biggest continental fanbase – the UK-  isn’t even voting in their semi-final, the gruesome twosome are pressing on regardless. They may however nab some support from unexpected quarters, since one of my spies informs me they are big in Albania. Uh huh. So was Norman Wisdom. That doesn’t mean we would have wanted him to enter Eurovision.

Still folks the link is there for your perusal, the twins are due to showcase the song in full on the Late Late Show next Friday. Good people of Ireland, don’t say you weren’t warned……:)


One Response to “32 Seconds Of Your Life You Will Never Get Back….”

  1. Sam stony said

    Brilliant blog I’m a huge euro vision viewer from Holland

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