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The calm before the storm….

Posted by DINRIL on February 5, 2011

So we’re on the brink of that point in Eurovision season when the trickle of songs coming in becomes a flood (we don’t even want to think about the last weekend of the month, when seemingly half of this year’s efforts will be chosen. And we will complain vehemently if the Maltese final next week is not at least seven hurs long). But sneaking in ahead of the crowd is this pleasant if somewhat forgettable ditty from the Netherlands’ 3Js, Je Vecht Nooit Alleen. Now we would love to see the Netherlands do well in a Belgium 2010 stylee – they have a long and illustrious Eurovision career and we know they have it in them. But somehow this song just isn’t doing it for us – it’s not that we dislike it, it’s just lacking, er, something. When we find out what it is we’ll let you know……


2 Responses to “The calm before the storm….”

  1. Adrien Hellebosch said

    I watched it a little bit last Sunday … very doubtful it they’ll make it to the big final … again! One little “detail” I could add … the guys were critisized for their appeance (not sure the singer took a shower that day??) but they answered they had big plans regarding their outfit/look at the Eurovision itself?! It might help a bit … but probably not enough to qualify?

  2. elizabeth said

    They should have chosen “Weelderig Waardeloos”. I could listen to that song all day.

    That song has ‘the thing’, the little spark that would make it stand out from the crowd. The song they chose is just generic 80s rock that you probably get on radio 2 every morning.

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