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With a crushing inevitability…..

Posted by DINRIL on February 12, 2011

…….those Jedward boys have won the Irish ticket to Dusseldorf. Yup, the stack-haired twosome scored their ridiculously predictable victory on Ireland’s Late Late Show on Friday night, although it wasn’t nearly as much of a runaway win as one might have imagined. This could have had something to do with a last minute change in the voting pattern after 30 seconds of their track Lipstick was leaked online ahead of the contest.

Apparently this wasn’t supposed to happen, and so as not to give them an unfair advantage over the other four acts the voting was changed from 50:50 jury/public to just one-third of the votes coming from the public and the remainder from the regional juries (hang on, didn’t the BBC used to do this on Making Your Mind Up before deciding it was a very silly idea and the public couldn’t be trusted to choose a song that wasn’t about air stewards or didn’t sound like the song that won two years ago and was no longer fashionable? But anyway, we digress……)

All of which meant that the boys were neck and neck throughout the jury voting with the very fine Falling by Nikki Kavanagh, which would have been an equally worthy Irish entry had it won. And so it would have done if the entire thing had been counted on jury votes, since she was ahead of the gruesome twosome by the end. Still, never ones to be let down by their public except for that time when they voted them off the X Factor, failed to get their debut single to number one in the UK etc etc – Jedward eventually snatched victory from Nikki’s clutches when the scores from the public result were revealed and they were revealed to have the highest number of votes from the viewers at home – although ultimately they won by just two points.

And you know what? Against our better judgment, we actually quite enjoyed their performance. We’re still not convinced that they can sing a note, and will attempt to cover up the fact on the Eurovision stage by wearing very shiny jackets and jumping around a lot, but there’s something about this song that we think the massed ranks of Eastern Europe in particular will love. Could this potentially give the Irish their best result in years? We wouldn’t rule it out.

Oh, and for the eagle eyed among you, that backing vocalist with the red mohican is one Rebecca Creighton, who is (or possibly was, we lose track) in that X Factor 2010 ‘girlband’ Belle Amie. You remember, the ones that Simon Cowell put together from bootcamp and who miraculously managed to hang in there until about the fourth week, possibly due to their ability to look pretty in very short frocks rather than do any actual singing? (Actually we think we may have lost you at ‘you remember?……??????’)

But anyway. We grudgingly wish the Jedward boys good luck in Dusseldorf (remember lads, you’ll have to get through to the final if you want any support from your fanbase in the UK), in what was a very enjoyable national final – succinct, to the point, and all done and dusted in just over two hours without being filled full of mad performances from 47 past acts and dragged out longer than the director’s cut of Ben Hur. Take note, other nations…….:)


One Response to “With a crushing inevitability…..”

  1. Sunshine said

    I can’t help it, I have to listen to that song. It’s like a car crash: It’s ugly, but you can’t look away. Problem really is: they have to sing live. But as you said, they’ll probably make a big show and try to distract from their limited singing ability. In the end, it all will be about the hair…

    Anyway, I knew them before they showed a bit of their song in the German pre-election. I screamed. Because I love casting shows, I couldn’t help but notice them. And I remembered their epic “Ghostbusters” and “Oops, I did it again” performances. Have no idea how loved they are in the UK and Ireland, though.

    But you know: I’m definitely rooting for Blue. I never cared much for that band, but I really liked some of their songs (the Elton John duet was nice!), they are well-known in Europe and they can sing! I hope the song is good!

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