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Haven’t we seen you somewhere before…..?

Posted by DINRIL on February 19, 2011

OK, so when reigning Eurovision champion Lena Meyer-Lendrut announced she planned to defend her title in Dusseldorf this year we may have uttered a slightly hollow laugh of disbelief. But consider us chastened, because the winsome young lass who brought song contest glory back to Germany has only gone and done it again (which officially makes her their coolest ever participant. Did Nicole come back the following year for another try? NO) However it remains to be seen whether or not she can ‘do a Johnny Logan’ based on the song that she’ll be fielding in Dussedorf. Taken By A Stranger actually reminds us a bit of Satellite with its quirky lyrics, sparse beat and Lena’s distinctive vocals, only it’s a bit grungier and, er, not quite as good in our opinion. We have absolutely no doubt that her popularity and performance will win her points by the bucketload but somehow we just can’t see this doing the double. Oh well. Eurovision’s an expensive business and you didn’t really want to host it two years running anyway…..

Oh and while we’re at it another big five country, Spain, also chose their entry on Friday night, in the shape of the lovely Lucia Perez and Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao. And just when you thought nobody could possibly rival Norway for joyfulness on the Eurovision stage this year, along come the Spanish to prove us wrong, for this is about as happy and upbeat a track as we think you’re likely to get this year. And we’ll just gloss over how much it reminds us of Portugal’s 2009 effort for the time being, shall we…….?

On that note, Eurovision Blog is off on its hols (well, a long weekend anyway) for a few days. We shall return towards the end of next week with a belated round-up of this weekend’s action including (gasp!) the first Italian entry since 1997, which we await with bated breath……:)


One Response to “Haven’t we seen you somewhere before…..?”

  1. Sunshine said

    *psst* The clips from Norway and Spain were taken down.

    So yeah, it’s “Taken by a stranger” and again the Germans are divided. *g* I don’t think that Lena will win with this song, but it’s at least memorable enough to make it to the top 5. It draws you in, although for me personally it’s too monotonous. *shrugs* The finals were boring and everyone already knew that this song would win after hearing it for the first time.

    I’m frigtened about Stefan Raab hosting, though. He’s not really good at that, but he’s still got a few months for training. *g* The majority actually wanted Hape Kerkeling (who announced the Germany votes last year) as a host – he could at least welcome every nation in their native tongue. *g*

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