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Clucking hell!

Posted by DINRIL on March 4, 2011

You might have noticed in our latest round-up of this year’s Eurovision entries that we missed out the effort from FYR Macedonia, which was chosen at the weekend. Not so, rather we have chosen to single it out for a very good reason. THIS is the song that will go to Dusseldorf:

It’s called Rusinka, it’s not bad at all, and its performer Vlatko Ilievski is easy enough on the eye  to prevent us from taking the toilet break we have become accustomed to taking when the Macedonians are strutting their stuff. However, we can’t help but be a tad disappointed that THIS effort, which was also in the final, didn’t take top honours:

Now we know it’s ridiculous, it’s being sung by a man in a chicken suit and it sounds a bit like a nursery rhyme – but secretly, we bet you wish that it had won. As it was, it was utterly trounced in the final and didn’t get even within sniffing distance of the top spot despite rumours sweeping the likes of Facebook that he had indeed won, causing us to tune in to the final to see for ourselves (a move we may regret for some time, given their fondness for announcing half the results, having 20 minutes of singing then announcing more results. Goodness knows what would happen if they ever got to host the damn thing)

Still, the fact the song flopped does suggest that while the Macedonians haven’t had a decent entry in years, they still haven’t sunk quite as low as all that and have clearly learned from the mistakes of Ireland, who were the last country to try something quite as ridiculous as sending a man dressed as a bird (remember Dustin The Turkey? No we didn’t think so) And you should also be very thankful that this song wasn’t in contention for the UK. Because given the track record of the voting public, if it had been it would be on its way to Dusseldorf right now…..

Still, Rok Agresori  shouldn’t be downcast. He is still an all-round good egg. And at least his song wasn’t that much of a turkey. Actually it was a bit of a poultry effort. And had he won he might have been too chicken to go to the contest anyway (all right, that’s enough – Ed)


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