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And you can behave yourselves too!

Posted by DINRIL on March 8, 2011

Yes, that’s you we are referring to, Portugal. As if having retro sounding titles this year wasn’t enough, Portugal’s effort comes from the comedy sextet Homens da Luta, who have tried and failed to crack Eurovision before but this year somehow succeeded against the odds with Luta E Alegria.  Judging from the audience reaction at the Festival de Cancao after they had won, complete with boos and people walking out, this wasn’t the most popular of choices, and we can see why. Yes, we understand that Homens da Luta are supposed to be a comedic tribute to post Carnation Revolution performers but is anybody outside of Portugal actually going to understand that? Or are they just going to see yet another band in dodgy outfits singing a bad song that they can poke fun at for years to come? It has of course occurred to us that this has been chosen in protest by the people of Portugal at the fact they have never won the contest. Er, guys, keep on sending songs like this and you never will…..


4 Responses to “And you can behave yourselves too!”

  1. venushalley1984 said

    I actually like it. It is portugese, fun and has revolushun edge to it. It’s not the worst entry, not even close to it.

  2. Sofia said

    At least is something meaningful. Don’t worry, people will understand the message and maybe there will be a surprise.

  3. Emiliano said

    This guys were choosen to represent Portugal, and they are one of the ways Portuguese people find to protest!

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