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Mon dieu!

Posted by DINRIL on March 8, 2011

Goodness, France are really going for it these days in Eurovision terms, aren’t they? We can remember a time not so long ago when they basically sent the same moody Gallic ballad every year, sung in French (natch, none of this ‘English’ nonsense for our friends across the Channel) and didn’t seem to care whether they won or not! But they’ve upped their game lately with Patricia Kaas’s fabulous 2009 effort and last year’s Allez Ola Ole which was nonsense but so much fun we forgave them.

This year they have what we can only describe as the Marmite song of the contest. Amaury Vassili’s Sognu is a full-on operatic effort, in Corsican, which may well have the older viewers voting in droves but could well invoke scratching of head and a much-needed trip to the toilet among others. As for us, we can’t make up our minds as to whether it’s pompous claptrap or France’s best shot at victory since, er, their last win. On the one hand, it does stand out from everything else that’s on offer and the performance will no doubt be striking. On the other hand, Latvia tried opera in 2007 and earned themselves little more than a ticket on the next bus home.  And we just can’t imagine how the tone of the contest would plummet if we were faced on the night with, ‘So, that was some fabulously classy opera, beautifully sung by this young, renowned tenor. And now, here’s Jedward……’ Still, judge for yourselves…..



3 Responses to “Mon dieu!”

  1. roger said

    Absolutely no idea how this will fare…it’s my least favourite French entry since 2006 but there’s no obvious frontrunner at this stage and as you say it does stand out.

    Personally, I’ll be donning my pointy hat and cheering for Moldova.

  2. Ohi said

    Please note that Latvia’s Opera had all of the novelty of singing waiters. This is a genuine and well-crafted effort. Victory is not unrealistic

  3. Sophie said

    I am completely in love with France’s entry. I want this to succeed as well as possible because it is *ao* heavenly…

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