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Our new favourite song…..

Posted by DINRIL on March 8, 2011

We haven’t been that impressed by the Croatian entries of late, at least not since Severina’s majestic Moja Stikla in 2006. This year however, following a national final which enthralled us and confused us in equal measures (all the singers perform a song each, then some songs get knocked out, then the singers perform different songs that the others sang previously, then the audience shriek like banshees, then someone else sings something different, etc.etc.) they chose Daria Kinzer to take the song Lahor to Dusseldorf.

Lahor means ‘breeze’, apparently. Yet for some reason the English title of the song is Break A Leg. Does someone want to explain that to us? Because apart from the fact that it fits nicely into the beat of the chorus we can’t think of any other reason for the title change.  And now we’re just even more confused…..oh enough already. Love this to bits,and the fact it ticks all the right boxes (right down to the key change) makes it a front-runner in our minds…..


5 Responses to “Our new favourite song…..”

  1. elizabeth said


    Serbia won in 2007. You know that.

    Google “Yugoslavian nations” before you state who has and has not laid claim to a Eurovision victory.

  2. Caroline said

    *blush*…..the offending phrase has been removed! (besides, I could have sworn Scooch won in 2007…..:))

    • elizabeth said

      ….and I can’t believe you stated in public you like Moja Stikla …

      *whispers again* I like it too, it is such a good novelty song, but was spoilt by her ridiculous Clown Mouth …!

  3. elizabeth said

    He he he OMG noooo!

    I don’t want to live in THAT scary parallel universe!! 😉

  4. Caroline said

    Ah……as to liking Moja Stikla, well I was very heavily pregnant at the time of that contest and blame it entirely on my hormones…..:)

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