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Stop being silly!

Posted by DINRIL on March 8, 2011

Eurovision – at least on those Eurovision nostalgia shows on TV that like to point and laugh at those crazy Europeans circa 1976 – is renowned for its nonsensical song titles, those of the La la la and Bem Bom variety. Now we thought we had seen the end of that era, but it seems it is returning to haunt us in 2011 – firstly with Finland’s sweetly pretty but ludicrously named Da Da Dum and now, it seems, with Armenia’s representative Emmy, who is fielding a track called – wait for it – Boom Boom. Which not only has the song title of a bygone era but sounds like it comes from one too. Guys – it is neither big nor clever, OK? Let’s just hope now that Dana International doesn’t triumph in Tuesday’s Israeli Kdam with her intellectually challenging track Ding Dong, or we are looking at clip show fodder for years to come…..


4 Responses to “Stop being silly!”

  1. Ah – everybody LOVES a bit of Diggi-Loo Diggi Ley. Haha – I have been following the National Finals with great humour, horror and pleasure as some ‘interesting’ songs choses have made it to ESC 2011. I will be going to the contest in May, so hope to have something good to sing along to.

  2. Lorene said

    I like to party, not look arltcies up online. You made it happen.

  3. Hey, I will TOTALLY promote your novel on my blog. All my readers (you, and my dad) will know where to find it. Have you tried skywriting? Or having your kids pee a tagline the snow?

  4. I find this comic very funny, and anyone who knows you and I, knows how appropo it is. Since you’ve graciously loaded my GPS, my books on my palm pilot, my books on my computer and easily half my electronic equipment, you’re my electronic librarian of choice! And yes, that would be me at the library desk, blindly looking for electronic assistance………………

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