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Posted by DINRIL on April 4, 2011

…..that it was on this day, 30 years ago, that Bucks Fizz won the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest with Making Your Mind Up. Cue lots of misty-eyed nostalgic memories about how they don’t write ’em like that any more etc etc. Well they don’t, let’s be honest. And they had choreography and everything. Was a foregone conclusion as far as we’re concerned. Actually we can’t decide whether to celebrate this as a landmark moment in Eurovision history or just be slightly alarmed by the fact that there are people who were in nappies when this won who are now, er, 30. Let’s just gloss over that and remember their finest hour instead, shall we….?

Oh and incidentally it’s worth noting that the UK won with this song, in the year of a Royal Wedding, with a four-piece vocal group whose name began with the letter B. Fast forward to 2011 and it’s the year of a Royal Wedding and the UK is entering a four-piece vocal group whose name begins with the letter – it’s a SIGN we tell you! A SIGN!!!!!! (that France is going to win you mean? – Ed) Whatever happens, Blue, just do us a favour and promise us you’ll keep your trousers on for the entire duration of the performance……


One Response to “We are reliably informed….”

  1. elizabeth said

    Hey hey… now let’s not be hasty…! Don’t go giving them ideas like that 😉

    If Blue’s trousers were ripped off they will get 388 points, guaranteed 😛

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