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If it’s good enough for Sebastian Tellier…..

Posted by DINRIL on April 9, 2011

THIS has to be the oddest story of the entire Eurovision season. Next week: Duncan James reveals that I Can has been snapped up for £40m to be sung by the cast of the next Halifax ad. Actually he won’t really. We just made that bit up. But anyway. If nothing else, it means the song will have legs beyond the semi-final (do you note our optimism there??????). And hey, if Sebastien Tellier’s Divine can make it on to a Renault ad then why not indeed?

(Just out of interest has anybody actually seen this ad? Please do tell us if you have…..)


3 Responses to “If it’s good enough for Sebastian Tellier…..”

  1. Chris said

    Looks like it’s an April Fool’s joke. Check the date when the commercial is going to start airing at the end of the article.

  2. Caroline said

    I might well have thought same were it not for the fact that the story was filed in several national newspapers several days before April 1. THIS, on the other hand…..:)

    • Sagar said

      Our chru#h&c39;s youth group also collects these shoe boxes every year and yesterday our MOPS group made several boxes for the youth group effort. It really is a very easy way to get involved and make a difference! I was told that this year if you pay for your shipping online, you can actually track where your box has been sent. 🙂

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