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It’s a bumper weekend….

Posted by DINRIL on April 16, 2011

….in Eurovision land and no messing. At least if you happen to live in the UK. For starters, Eurovision fans and cynics who are STILL convinced the UK cannot possibly win in Dusseldorf can either have their suspicions confirmed or be pleasantly surprised by tuning in to Eurovision: Your Country Needs Blue on BBC1 at 6.10pm. This is what we get this year in lieu of an actual selection contest (they should of course have titled it Hands Off Our Song, Your Country Doesn’t Actually Need You This Year but that was clearly too long to fit in the Radio Times) and is a documentary about the boys making their bid for the contest. No doubt I Can will also be featured, punctuated by clips of the UK making fools of itself on a continental scale so we can all point and laugh and smugly say that it won’t be like that THIS year. Will it….?

Then on Sunday it’s the annual UK Eurovision preview party at London’s Shadow Lounge, from 5pm – midnight, with performances from the likes of Romanian Dave, Bulgaria’s Poli Genova, Senit from San Marino, winsome Swiss lass Anna Rossinelli, Glen Vella from Malta, Italy’s Raphael Gulazzi and – gasp! Dana International. Sadly your humble Eurovision Blog editor can’t make it this year but if you are going and you happen to bump into Josh Dubovie wandering the corridors looking a bit lost and puzzled, do give him our best….


One Response to “It’s a bumper weekend….”

  1. Sophie said

    Frankly, I don’t know why they ever started letting the UK pick the entries for Eurovision because most of the time it’s a disaster. Much better to have experts pick it and they did a good job — Blue’s song does have a good fighting chance, something we haven’t been able to say about UK entries for a *long* time. Even if we don’t win, we can at least go to Europe with our heads held high.

    The contest is pretty open this year. Lots of people like France’s entry but that doesn’t mean it’ll manage to win because it’s way out there. Sweden’s song is catchy but falls down on the poor Jedward-reject lyrics. Azerbeijan (sp?) is another popular one but it is awfully bland and probably isn’t a winner. Germany’s Lena is back to defend her title but her song is too mundane to actually *win* again. Hell, credit where credit is due, even Jedward look as if they might do well as their song is catchy and (unlike Sweden) not tedious.

    This is really a year where anything could happen as no country seems assured victory.

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