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Just talk to us already: Malta

Posted by DINRIL on April 20, 2011

Taking over the mantle of Eurovision Blog’s  ‘nicest person on the Eurovision stage’ from last year’s winner George Alkaios, meet Glen Vella from Malta. He has a very good sense of humour, don’t you know…..:)

Introduce yourself and tell us how you ended up representing Malta in Eurovision this year!
Sooo… I’m Glen, and I’m easy to get along with and have a very good sense of humour. I represented the Maltese Islands on a number of occasions abroad and also brought back home awards. I always learnt from past experiences, both being good or bad. I get inspired very much by soul music such as Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. This was my 5th time in the Malta Eurovision song contest. And this was the year where I really put all my energy to win the contest. I got the highest votes from the public and jury… so I guess they liked my song and chose me to represent Malta with One Life.

Are you looking forward to going to Dusseldorf? What can we expect from your stage show? I am really looking forward for the excitement that the Eurovision stage brings with it. I feel that I am well prepared mentally and musically. My aim is to give a good vocal and overall performance. I have to admit that I really wish that Malta makes it to the final as we’re really working hard for it and I would love to celebrate my 28th Birthday singing on the Big Stage on the 14th May…It will be my best ever birthday present

Which of this year’s other entries do you rate?
There’s a lot, I can’t name them all. But I listened to all of them. There’s a lot of different styles in compositions and a very good level of entries. It’s difficult to find a favourite out of such a strong lot.

Which is your favourite Eurovision entry of all time and which is your favourite from your home country?
There are so many that I think of one particular song and another comes to mind… I don’t think I can name them all but I always loved the winning songs!!

Here in the UK Eurovision is regarded by many as a bit of a joke (something we are aiming to change this year with our entry) but in Malta it is a major event. Why do you think the Maltese are such big Eurovision fans?
Since Malta is a very small country, music industry is very limited, so Eurovision gives us the chance to show our productions on a larger scale and the Maltese people strongly believe in us singers and in our talents.

Why do you think so many people still love it so much even after all this time?
As already stated, many people have at heart the local singers and are always ready to support them, especially in this prestigious contest.

What will be the first thing you do if you win?
Regardless of the result in Dusseldorf, I will for sure continue with my singing career. I’m a down to earth person and am not dreaming about winning the contest and what might happen. But if I win, the first thing most probably I will start crying with joy and although I do not have wings, I will start flying…….I will thank God for giving me this experience and thank Him for surrounding me with so many special friends and people whom without their continuous help and support I would have not been able to make it to Dusseldorf.

Have you heard the UK entry and what do you think of it? Is it a bit better than our recent entries or are we going to come last again? Be honest……:)
Olalala… I’m always honest 🙂 So, since I am a fan of Eurovision I listened to all of the songs, including the UK entry. I have also met the members of Blue while they were in Malta. I can say that I Can is a cool song! Good luck UK and to all the Blue team! We’ll definitely support you!

And finally, tell me why Malta should have the chance to host Eurovision in 2012 and which city would you choose to host it?
So let me dream a bit… Malta is a jewel island in the Mediterranean and people will be enchanted by its beauty and by the warm hearted Maltese people. We also have the best climate one can imagine and this will make it an ideal place to host Eurovision 2012. Malta being so small, we’d probably have the whole island hosting the festival. As for the place for the actual event, we’ve hosted large events such as MTV concerts etc so I’m sure we’ll find the best location!


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