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We’ve deliberated, cogitated and – oh well. You get the drift

Posted by DINRIL on May 9, 2011

….and here, after much thought, debate, fighting, weeping, tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth, are our predictions for which ten countries will qualify from the semi-final on Tuesday night:


Why? Because they’re Turkey, do we need to say more than that? Now we have the blindingly obvious one out of the way first, let’s continue….


Why? Well our main complaint about this song is that ‘it doesn’t sound very Azerbaijani, does it?’ Still, the fact it could have been recorded in an Asda car park in Basingstoke is really the only thing we have against it, and we’re guessing that it’ll make the final with ease. Possibly even win the first semi. All right, let’s not go nuts.


Why? Because since FYR Macedonia aren’t going anywhere we need something nice to look at in the final on Saturday don’t we? But all things considered it’s not a bad song really. Certainly an improvement on last year’s. We’re still having therapy to get over that one.


Why? Normally we would say Greece were a shoo-in but we had to think long and hard about including them this year. In the end we did because word of mouth from Dusseldorf on the performance is strong even if the song is a bit disappointing and well – ’cause it’s the Greeks, innit?


Why? Because it’s this year’s Me and My Guitar, that’s why. Need we say more?


Why? We love this song. A lot of people love this song. And in spite of hearing some very negative word of mouth from the Dusseldorf rehearsals we still think scary Kati will make the final simply because so many fans love the track. And besides, those same people who are predicting this will fail also told us last year that Denmark was a mess and wouldn’t qualify either. And look what happened there….


Why? Of all the songs that could potentially make the final, this is probably the one we most want to see in there, simply because it’s so sweet and adorable and colourful and fun, damn it. In a crowded first half full of potential qualifiers something has to fall by the wayside.  But we don’t think it’ll be this one.


Why? Well again we were on the fence about this for a while but finally decided that yes, Stella probably will make the final – but not quite as easily as we might have predicted a few months back. If one of the favourites is doomed to failure then we still think this one could have the potential to ‘do an Anna Bergendahl’ – but for now we’re saying she’s in.


Why? Because she’s barking mad, that’s why. And goodness knows barking mad people always make an impact on the Eurovision stage. We’re expecting a strong performance from Aurela and if she lives up to expectations she’ll be sailing through to Saturday night.


Why? It was a very close run thing between Iceland and Poland for that final spot, and we still think the Poles might clinch it. But Iceland has the sentimental factor and that is going to count in their favour, so we think that last spot could well be theirs.


Poland – kicking off the contest won’t work in Magdalena’s favour but this is still a good song and if one of the others doesn’t come up to scratch she will be in with a fighting chance. Do not rule this one out, and frankly we’d be delighted to see it in the final.

Switzerland – it’s a cute song but might be a bit too forgettable – if not it could easily sneak in.

Armenia – we almost almost put this in the top ten but then realised we were only doing so because Armenia is one of those countries who always qualifies. Honestly folks? It is a weak song and there is a first time for everything. And Sweden’s failure to make the final last year made us realise that nobody is safe. Except possibly for Turkey….:)

Malta – as one of our favourite countries in the Eurovision family we always love it when Malta does well. This song is a bit meh for our liking if we’re being honest, but Glen’s charm could nonetheless win over the voters.

And that, as they say, is that. See you back here afterwards so you can all point and laugh at our woeful inaccuracies….


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