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And your second semi-final finalists are….

Posted by DINRIL on May 12, 2011

……actually we probably don’t need to tell you since we got ten out of ten on that front. That’s TEN OUT OF TEN. We rule. Etc. But we’ll tall you anyway…..












5 Responses to “And your second semi-final finalists are….”

  1. Seriously – you got 10/10? Wow. I got 8/10. Not bad, but I could do better.
    So, who do you reckon is gonna win the final?

  2. Sophie said

    Well done for getting 10/10! I got 8/10 so not bad. I just didn’t really see Moldova getting through, but clearly that whole “naff songs” feeling to the ESC is still existant. :p

    It’s hard to say who will win the final though. I don’t hold out much hope for Hungary or Estonia anymore because all the semi-finals did was show both acts up for being very weak on stage. So I don’t think any of the casual viewers will vote for them.

    Weird but I now think it’s going to be either France or Austria. They are the only two entries that seem to stand out in this year of similiar sounding mid-tempo and up-tempo songs. The problem with Austria is that while Nadine is a fantastic singer, her song is pretty bland and understated. In comparision Amaury is the best singer in the whole contest because he is a full-blown tenor. His song is a work of art, which ight not be appreciated as much as it should be.

    Nonetheless I still think they are the ones to watch. Then, of course, Azerbaijan might just do it although I’d feel a little cheated if they beat the UK entry. Their singing isn’t all that great and the song sounds more and more understated the more you listen to it.

    Then again Ireland might surprise us. But if they won, I’d light a candle in church because even with the bookies bets it would be nothing short of a miracle.

  3. listigraev said

    I got 9/10; I was certain that Dana International’s reputation was going to carry her through. But congrats to you, Caroline!

    I’m with Sophie; Estonia was greatly disappointing on the stage. Getter Jaani and her dancers better step up their game if they want to be more than just another overrated act. I expected to see a bunch of new tricks, not just the same old appearing wand. I never had much faith for Hungary, as I went back to watch Kate Wolf on Got Talent and was gravely disappointed.

    Ireland and Sweden are both the kind of stuff that typified the mid-2000s, when performances ruled and song quality took a nose dive. While a victory for Ireland would be miracle, I can’t say the same thing for Sweden.

    I’m interested in hearing what people think of Switzerland’s chances in the Final. I don’t think anyone thought it would progress, but now that it has, does anyone think it has a chance of NOT finishing 21-25? Or do I stand alone in that belief?

    • Sophie said

      I suspect Sweden will make the Top 10 even if the glass doesn’t break on cue again. While I stand by saying that Hungary, Estonia and Azerbaijan are the most overrated acts in this year’s show (With only Azerbaijan having even the vaguest quality on stage as they do on my CD), Sweden is one of those songs that people have stuck to as being Top 10, Top 5 or maybe even Top 3 and Winner.

      Ireland and Sweden are very similiar entries this year and I am curious to see just how well Jedward do outside of the semi-finals. Europe obviously like them as they were carried safely into the Finals without the UK’s help (Austria had Germany to vote for them, which wasn’t very fair) so they could do well, considering they should nab a nice safe 12 from the UK.

      I have to admit I hadn’t thought might about Switzerland’s entry. I think it’s a little too quiet for the Top 10. It might make the left side of the board, but in 11th or 12th place I’m guessing.

      • listigraev said

        I think Estonia is going to be a lot better tonight, but I have little hope for Hungary. Yes, I agree they are overrated. I don’t know if I would call Azerbaijan overrated simply because they picked to do well based off of the country from which they come, not because of the song. And even then, most don’t think they will be in the Top Ten (at least as far as I know).

        I think I have to agree with you on Switzerland. But I think this situation is a lot like Portugal’s in 2008. They’re just happy to be there and Anna Rossinelli is just happy to be there.

        I do see one different between IRE and SWE. Where Sweden is an actual pop song with a pop performance that’s trying to win with its staging (much like GRE in 2005 did), Ireland is more of a gag act to me. It’s one of those over-the-top campy entries that most Britons (obviously not those on this page) associated with the Contest. I hope it fails.

        I had high hopes for Bosnia & Herzegovina, but it pulled the dreaded 2 spot, I guess there goes any chance of Sarajevo 2012…

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