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Welcome to The 2011 Eurovision live blog

Posted by DINRIL on May 14, 2011

Hello everybody. There’s only ten minutes to go until the start of this year’s Eurovision final and as always we will be liveblogging it as only we know how…..

1951 Nine minutes to go and we are watching The National Lottery. So what’s on in your country right before the contest? (we haven’t won a penny btw. Boo)

2000 We are officially UNDERWAY. Graham Norton has just informed us there are 25,000 people inside the Esprit Arena in Dusseldorf. On that basis the UK will clearly have to have it at the O2 following our inevitable victory this year. Or we are possibly just jumping the gun a tad.

2001 We fondly remember Stefan Raab, he of the light-up jacket in 2000. He isn’t going to sing is he? We can but hope such a thing does not happen.

2003 Anke and Stefan are singing Satellite. The words ‘somebody make it stop’ are honing perilously into view.

2005 Actually we quite like this rockabilly version of Satellite. It reminds us a bit of Roger Cicero’s ill-fated Women Ruled The World. Let’s not even go there….

2006 We are beginning to get a growing sense that they have forgotten about the contest and are just going to turn this into one big jamming session. No, wait up….there’s Lena! Shouldn’t she be practising for later?

2007 Hmmmmmm Germany are really enjoying this aren’t they? They’d better. It could be another 28 years before they get to host it again….

2009 And now they are showing us how they turned the Esprit Arena from a football pitch to a stadium. No offence but could they just get ON with it already? This is in serious danger even at such an early hour of turning into Munich 1983. And none of us want that….

2014 Finally, we are underway! Paradise Oskar has the enviable task of starting things off this evening (this means he won’t win of course). Is he this year’s Tom Dice? Of course he is. Bless.

2018 How much do we love Dino Merlin? We can’t even begin to tell you. if he wasn’t saddled with the kiss of death number two spot we would almost have him down as a winner. As it is he’s even better than he was on Thursday. Presumably he’s off to put his feet up now…..

2022 Denmark is officially the best yet. To be honest they don’t have a lot of competition so far but HOW good is this? Seriously…..

2027 Evelina Sasenko from Lithuania is singing C’Est Ma Vie with all the conviction of someone who knows she doesn’t have a cat’s chance in hell of actually winning this thing. File under ‘actually I’m just happy to be in the final and I’m as damn well surprised about it as you are’.

2031 We’ve said it once and we will say it again – Hungary’s song IS Taylor Dayne redux (if you are too young to remember her look it up). And we all know who is coming next don’t we?

2035 Wait a minute… that Jedward giving a ‘polished’ performance??????? It just might be.

2036 WINNER. Maybe….

2040 Against our better judgment, we are loving Sweden’s Eric Saade although dismayed to note he has yet to locate his other glove. Mind you that was a belter of a performance, considerably better than we were expecting. Has he taken the shine off of Jedward?

2042 OK. We love Getter Jaani but someone needs to tell us what the London Eye is doing in a song about New York.  We are guessing nobody will however…..

2044 Don’t forget you can join us Tweeting at TVonVM……

2047 We didn’t like Greece, we liked it again, now we’re not so sure again. Help us.

2048 Sorry but Stereo Mike is still the silliest name we have ever heard for a DJ. But it’s OK because the rather lovely Alex from Russia is coming up which means that your editorial team may have to go and lick the TV…..

2051 ‘Do you feel my heart beat Europe?’ Er, no….

2052 Stefan Raab had a fabulous light up jacket in 2000. Alex Sparrow’s just looks like he has glued a piece of paper to the back of his jacket. Not good….

2057 Amaury Vassili is the first of the Big Five to take to the stage. He can certainly sing but he looks as nervous as hell. And he needs un hairbrush. Let’s move on…..

2100 Italy. We don’t acgtually want to say anything else about that.

2104 We’re in the green room with Dino Merlin. Just get on with it already….

2106 Another nice performance from Anna Rossinelli who once again should be just happy to be in the final. But we all know who is next……

2107 It’s TIME!!!!!!!

2109 We’re not sure we’re liking those suits if we’re being honest. But in all other respects………crikey.

2110 Well that was one of the best things we’ve seen all night. Could we possibly even begin to believe that we might actually win it??????

2112 And from the sublime to, er….all right we admit we don’t understand the Moldovan performance. Still if it’s your only opportunity to see a unicycling fairy all year then we suggest you take it…..

2114 Alert! Alert! It is time for the host nation…..

2117 And very good she is too. But let’s be honest it does sound like Love Cats by The Cure.

2121 Romanian Dave is enjoying himself enormously. Shame the rest of us aren’t.

2124 Now this performance from Austria is seriously classy. Why did we not see this song coming? Could this be the one to take top honours? We wouldn’t rule it out…..

2129 We’re getting used to seeing professional turns from Azerbaijan now and this is no exception. Clearly they want this badly. We remain concerned however that the special effects people could have an eye out with that fake rain….

2130 We never thought we would ever find ourselves saying this in the history of the world but the forthcoming Slovenian song is also a contender. I mean we are talking SLOVENIA here. Seriously…..

2137 Ah, Iceland. We don’t want to be horrible about them at all given the backstory. But it is nice to see that Robson and Jerome have found gainful employment since the hits dried up…..

2142 The surprise packages just keep on coming? Who’d have thought Spain would turn in such a great performance? With that fabulous draw as well we could be looking at another top ten finish…..

2146 Ukraine is much as it was on Thursday night. But the sand artist is just showing off now. yawn (reaches for remote control to put on Britain’s Got More Talent, comes to senses just in time……)

2149 We’ve said it once, we will say it again – Nina from Serbia is adorable. But we still maintain she bought her tights in Primark.

2154 How can it be the last song of the night already? It has only been on for two minutes, surely. Once again the whole thing has been a blur and we have forgotten it. But based on what we have seen tonight we have NO IDEA who is going to win. No, seriously. UK were great, Ireland bonkers, France strangely disappointing. Georgia’s singer is still wearing a lampshade. Confusion is setting in.

2214 It is time for the interval act and we NEED to eat. Back for the voting……

2218 Germany have hired a wedding band for the interval entertainment. Well it’s original…..

2224 ‘I hope they don’t say Blue – None’ says Graham Norton. Why oh WHY did we not think of that one??????? Drat!

2225 They are just showing off now……

2228 Yikes and then some It is Dima Bilan. And four points for the UK already!

2229 The first 12 of the night goes to Azerbaijan……

2230 12 for the UK! SHRIEK!!!!!!!!!!!!

2231 12 to Denmark now. It is going to be a close one isn’t it?

2232 and 10 points to the UK from Italy! Hurrah! We are IN THE LEAD. Official…..

2234 We are not first anymore. Damn you Cyprus and your neighbourly voting……

2235 12 points to Georgia from Ukraine?????? The world has gone mad……

2236 Norway don’t look a bit cross at being booted out in the semi final. And they have only given us one point. Gits.

2237 Are we surprised they gave the 12 to Finland? Not a bit of it……

2239 Ukraine winning now. This is going to go down to the wire……

2240 And now Sweden in the lead. Told you they would be popular……

2241 First points of the night for Switzerland, from Slovakia. No nul points this year then…..

2242 It is the UK voting. Wonder who is getting the 12?????? Austria, Bosnia, someone explain that?

2246 Lithuania’s 12 from Poland got the most muted reaction of the night. Sweden still in the lead. We can believe that……

2252 Oh do stop singing, man from Slovenia. Another 12 for Bosnia and Herzegovina though, yay!

2257 Could Bosnia and Herzegovina become the first number two act to actually win?? Could happen. We don’t know what will happen any more. We want a lie down…..

2306 Are we going to Baku next year? Or, er, Italy perhaps?

2311 This is seriously exciting voting. The UK and Ireland certainly haven’t disgraced themselves but we sense Azerbaijan may have it in the bag. Cue lots of disgruntled complaints about how it is biased towards the East. Bollocks it is. They had a good song. End of.

2315 Italy are now the only country who could topple Azerbaijan. We always said we liked that track. Seriously. Ha ha.

2318 And it’s official. Azerbaijan have WON. We saw that coming. Yes, really, we did…..

2324 So what would happen if, just once, someone dropped that trophy????? And how will Eurovision handle the inevitable time difference? Will the contest be in the middle of the night? Or will we have to watch it in the afternoon? Will they have it in Baku or, er, Baku? No doubt these questions will be answered in the months to come. As for us, we are off to analyse the scoreboard. And have a bit of a lie down for the next six months……


12 Responses to “Welcome to The 2011 Eurovision live blog”

  1. jon HODGSON said

    liked the uk entry sung by blue but sweden is where the smart money is….

  2. Anon said

    Time for some last minute predictions:

    01 Azerbaijan
    02 Ireland
    03 United Kingdom
    04 Russia
    05 Germany
    06 Finland
    07 Hungary
    08 Austria
    09 Spain
    10 Denmark
    11 France
    12 Moldova
    13 Sweden
    14 Serbia
    15 Iceland
    16 Slovenia
    17 Bosnia and Herzegovina
    18 Italy
    19 Greece
    20 Ukraine
    21 Georgia
    22 Switzerland
    23 Estonia
    24 Romania
    25 Lithuania

  3. Anonymous said

    Don’t know if this went through last time, so I will try again.

    My last minute predictions:

    01 Azerbaijan
    02 Ireland
    03 United Kingdom
    04 Russia
    05 Germany
    06 Finland
    07 Hungary
    08 Austria
    09 Spain
    10 Denmark
    11 France
    12 Moldova
    13 Sweden
    14 Serbia
    15 Iceland
    16 Slovenia
    17 Bosnia and Herzegovina
    18 Italy
    19 Greece
    20 Ukraine
    21 Georgia
    22 Switzerland
    23 Estonia
    24 Romania
    25 Lithuania

  4. xitiroglou said

    It was a wonderful song…

    Help your e-country:

  5. Sophie said

    TBA I think all of the Big Five countries got a nervous attack when they got on that stage because they’d never had to perform to that audience before like any of the other acts had and they underestimated how loud they were. Blue seemed more uncomfortable than even poor Amaury Vassili was (And he’s only twenty-one) with Simon being the only one who seemed to keep himself together. Duncan and Lee lost a couple of notes at the beginning of the song. It really did make me feel disappointed although it’s good they got 100 points and kept us on the left side of the board… just lol! Italy even started out quiet and nervous, but he never had to look at the audience so he probably felt safer with his big piano behind him. Spain… nothing to say about Spain.

    If I were to recommend anything to the EBU it would be to allow the Big Five and the Home entry timeslots to sing their songs in each of the semi-finals rather than just showing clips of them. This would give all of those entries a chance to get used to the stage. It would also stop those empty boring segments where nothing is going on half way through the show, at the beginning and at the end.

    Also I think another problem, especially with the UK, France and possibly Italy, was that they couldn’t hear their backing track very well. It was noticably too quiet for France’s entry and it was clear the reason Amaury Vassili seemed awkward at the start was because he literally couldn’t hear it over the crowds. So they need to do something to improve the sound quality… or even allow the option of a orchestra because for songs like France, he would have benefited from that option. To outlaw them just invites “yet another dreary and soppy pop song” to win, which it did. :p

    Personally I’m thrilled for Italy coming second because I was on that from the start that it was a good song but everyone treated it as nothing. They underestimate how popular jazz is in all countries. I’m also happy that Estonia and Hungary came so low because they weren’t all that remarkable in the end even though they *had* had experience with the stage. Azerbaijan… I guess I saw victory coming but I was secretly hoping for Jedward or Eric Saade to take it home. Hell, if Italy had done it I’d have been over the moon!

  6. Sunshine said

    @ Sophie: of course the Big Five had to perform for such a big audience – the arena was packed on Friday evening for the jury final. I think on Saturday it was just about “Now it counts!”. *g* Italy actually was better on Friday…

    Not happy with the winner – I just don’t see the appeal of that song. Well, at least the female singer didn’t sing off-key this time. Okay, except for the winning performance, ouch.

    Would’ve rather liked Sweden or Bosnia-Herzegovina to win, or Italy. Azerbaijan, Greece, Lithuania were absolutely unremarkable.

  7. listigraev said


    As an American, I would love to be a part of some kind of jury! I know the juries often include students in order to meet requirements for age diversity, so I might be able to finagle my way on! There are a couple of problems with this. Europeans would never stand for a bunch of New Worlders, particularly Americans, judging their Contest. Two, that would add an additionally advantage to non-English entries, unfortunately.

    I completely agree with you and have been saying that for years. The automatic qualifiers should be able to perform in the semi-final in which they vote, like after the Interval Act or something. That would give them exposure and a chance on stage in front of a live crowd. Though, to be fair, the audience in Germany was definitely much more volatile than in year’s past, at least, that’s how it came across to me.

    I think Azerbaijan, which in my opinion tends to have the most American sounding songs, was generic enough to at least be pleasant for most people. I think it was probably the only entry that got decent amount of votes from both the juries and the televoters and therefore was able to take the crown without being number for either group. At least, that would be my guess.

    I also would have loved to see Bosnia & Herzegovina or Italy win, but that’s just how life goes, I guess.

  8. Sophie said

    @Sunshine: I still I think the Big Five (and the winning country’s entry) should also perform at the semi-finals because that way people will have seen the acts in full prior to the night. My mum joked to me that she knew all the other acts, our home act and she knew the French one though had never see it all the way through – but she wouldn’t have known the Spanish entry if it came up and hit her.

    I’d have much probably been much happier if Sweden, Italy or Denmark won. I just didn’t like the Azerbaijan song because it was a bit dull. On the other hand I’d rather Azerbaijan win than Greece – I was horrified when it ended up on the left side of the board! (I noticed the audience booed very loud whenever Greece or Moldova got high scores.)

    @listigraev: Heh, even though I’m a student myself I seriously don’t think we should be allowed to judge the songs. My friend is a music student and I wouldn’t trust her to be objective and she wouldn’t trust herself. Oddly enough she dismissed the Azerbaijan entry as being too “bland and American”, but like you said that is probably why it appealed to enough people.

    However the juries of Eurovision are made up of professionals in the music industry and nationals of the countries they are voting from. So that prevents students and Americans from taking part in the juries. They probably do the age diversity thing by having newbies in along with the older producers.

    I’m glad you agree with me about the semi-finals. To me it would just make a lot more sense to allow the mass audience to see those performances in full. It would also mean the automatic qualifiers would have performed their song an equal amount of times as the semi-finalists. However I agree that crowd was volitile but they seemed to respond well to the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany (well, they would), Azerbaijan etc…

    The only songs they took a noticable dislike to were Greece and Moldova.

  9. Mark Butler said

    I think you were a bit tough on Italy. Having listened to all the songs again and again in the fortnight before the contest it did not impress me that much, but on the night it suddenly clicked and sounded absolutely brilliant. Building to a great ending where his voice, the music and the camera all reached their peak. I could just imagine people deciding to vote at that moment, and now I’m hooked. If only it had won.

  10. Caroline said

    Actually, Mark, I liked the Italian song in the run-up and remember listening to it a few months back and thinking ‘now that could do better than you think it will’. I was just a tad underwhelmed by his performance on the night, sadly (which is the complete reverse of what you thought).

    I think he was actually helped by the fact that he was on straight after France and provided such a contrast – there were such high hopes for the French entry and yet when it came down to it poor old Amaury looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

    I can quite get that he might have had a touch of stagefright but I would have thought someone who is supposed to be such a renowned opera tenor would be able to overcome his nerves and command an audience, no matter how big. Had he done well however I think the outcome may have been very different.

    Still, I am very pleased Italy are back in the competition, I hope their success spurs them on to come back again in 2012…..

  11. Daze said

    I disagree that the audience didn’t like Moldova – they got more cheers than Blue, I was there. At the end of the performances, when we had the retrospective, those small clips of all the finalists, Moldova got a good reaction, unlike the silence that followed Romania for example.

    There was booing mostly when eastern countries gave lots of points to their neighbours. Not so much when Germany’s neighbours did the same thing.

  12. Some comments about Eurovision 2011 and Lucia Perez, Spanish singer, in my blog And more about Swedish TV programme about Spanish people and working schedule!!

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