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Posted by DINRIL on February 23, 2012

So how excited were we, exactly, when we heard that Izabo were going to be representing Israel in Baku? Very very excited, as it happens, because we’ve been a fan of their retro-era psychedelic stylings for years, ever since there was a slightly half-hearted attempt to launch them in the UK around 2004 (with a track called Morning Hero. Go on, look it up. You’ll thank us). And right now, we would love to be able to bring you their Eurovision entry Time, a sneak peek of which leaked on to the Interweb a few days ago about a week before it was due to be officially unveiled on Israeli TV. However due to circumstances beyond our control (otherwise known as ‘some spoilsport removing it’), we are unable to do so. Which is a pity, because from the bit we heard it’s quite possibly our favourite entry so far this year – original, quirky and fun without actually slipping into novelty territory. Still, the finished version is officially being unveiled on March 1 so you’ll be able to hear it then you lucky lucky people. In the mean time this pointless bit of nostalgia may help you pass the time…..


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