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Due to circumstances beyond our control….

Posted by DINRIL on March 8, 2012

……we are unable to bring you this year’s Armenian entry, because there ain’t gonna be one. Yup, after months of will-they-won’t-they speculation, Armenia have decided that they won’t be going to Baku after all. And for once folks this isn’t a flounce over results. Nope, it appears the long-standing political tension between the Armenians and the Azerbaijans isn’t something that a song contest can overcome – and while it’s one thing for the pair of them to appear side by side on neutral territory, it’s another when one of them is actually the host nation. Or as the Contest Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand put it, “Despite the efforts of the EBU and the Host Broadcaster to ensure a smooth participation for the Armenian delegation in this year’s Contest, circumstances beyond our control lead to this unfortunate decision.”

While  there was always a chance this might happen, we will still admit that Armenia’s presence this year will be sorely lacking, given the impact they have made on the contest in the few years they’ve been taking part (OK maybe not last year but you get our drift). Still, they shall no doubt be welcomed back to the fold with open arms next year. Unless of course Azerbaijan wins again. Er…..


5 Responses to “Due to circumstances beyond our control….”

  1. The fact that the president stood up and said Armenians are Azerbaijan’s mortal enemies is probably the biggest reason why Armenia pulled out. We weren’t sure if our people would be safe their initially, and after that comment, any hope for returning alive was dashed. There have been more ceasefire violations than one can imagine in the last few months and the latest violent words and racism against Armenians was the final straw. At least on neutral ground, we have European protection.

    • The Azeri president said the Armenian diaspora is Azerbaijani enemy, not Armenians. Stop disinforming peoples.

      • the Armenian diaspora IS Armenians… I fail to understand the distinction. Furthermore, a significant number of Armenians in Armenia are from the diaspora, either having come home during the late 1940’s or after independence. Adding to that, over half the population there now has roots from Cilicia and what is today Eastern Turkey, same as the rest of the diaspora. You cannot separate Armenians from one another. We are all one and the same.

  2. Lacey said

    Startling, isn’t it. As a spiritual director I continually meet clergy who have no structured prayer life, and for whom the idea of using the Daily Office as a way of praying is considered â€a€âf˜ntileni™ or ‘old hat’. So very sad, and one of the first things I generally work with them to change.In fact, I now know more lay people who pray the Daily Office in some form (I tend to favour Daily Prayer from Common Worship) than clergy.

  3. Extraordinar! Ca doar nu a iesit baba cu vrafu’ de afise in brate si a inceput sa le lipeasca pe gard, fredonand imnul liberalilor?Asa si pe gardu’ lu’ Stavarache poti lipi afise cu Hrebe. 

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