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See anyone you recognise?

Posted by DINRIL on March 14, 2012

Well you should do if you’ve been watching Eurovision for a while because this chap, Zeljko Joksimovic, finished in second place for the country once known as Serbia and Montenegro in 2004, singing the hauntingly beautiful Lane Moje. Since then he’s gone on to write the hauntingly beautiful Leilja for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which came third in 2006 – but we’re getting the impression he’d quite like to come first for once. As such he’s back for Serbia this year with this little number, Synonym, which was presented on a special show on Serbian TV the other night which featured Zeljko singing a back catalogue of his greatest hits before he finally got around to presenting his entry for Baku – and do we really need to tell you what it’s like? Just see above, basically.

The only main difference this time is he presented the song in English, and we’re still not sure if he’ll be going for that in the contest or sticking to his native tongue. Bit of advice here? We’d stick to Serbian if we were you, unless you really want the song to sound like something out of an overblown West End stage musical. Because in all other respects – and while we’re not entirely sure this will do as well as its predecessors – this is really very good indeed:


One Response to “See anyone you recognise?”

  1. elizabeth said

    He presented the song in both Serbian and English, and the song is called “Nije ljubav stvar” which means “Love isn’t a thing”. “Synonym” was just the pale English approximation of the much better Serbian song. I think he presented both so he could get the reaction as to which is better and decide later which to put forward for the contest proper.

    After all, they saved the glitter blowers for the big finale of the Serbian version šŸ˜‰

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