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How very dare you!

Posted by DINRIL on March 18, 2012

Much as we respect the right of anybody to change their minds about the song they have entered for Eurovision (otherwise known as ‘doing a Belarus’), we were shocked to learn this week that Italy had done just that. Yup, they’ve ditched the majestic ballad Per Sempre – which was one of our favourites this year – in favour of this effort, L’Amore e Femmina. Now this is a more upbeat tune, with more than enough uses of the phrase ‘boom boom boom’ to satisfy all those lovers of the ridiculous Eurovision lyric – and yes, we do quite like it (we sense if Amy Winehouse had decided to sing in Italian the result might have been something like this), but it’s just – well we think Per Sempre had top five potential, and we’re not so sure about this one. Still when Nina Zilli emerges triumphant from Baku on May 26 clutching the winner’s trophy feel free to tell us we were wrong:

One Response to “How very dare you!”

  1. Greetings from Spain!
    A heartbreaking voice… a great artist… a song of feelings that grow up….
    This year at Eurovision, we are not afraid of loosing…. Stay with her voice, stay with her song, stay with…. Pastora Soler.

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