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Is there a dislike button?

Posted by DINRIL on March 19, 2012

Poor old San Marino. Not only do they have to contend with being the smallest country on the Eurovision stage (and all the endless jokes about finding it on the map underneath a biscuit crumb), but they’ve yet to actually reach the final – and this year even their passage to the semi-final is proving to be a rocky one. Having announced late last week that San Marinese singer Valentina Monetta would sing the Ralph Siegel penned number Facebook  Uh Oh Oh (can’t imagine for one moment what it’s about), they have since been told that the lyrics of the song contravene rule 1.2.2.g of the contest. Whatever that is. Well actually it has something to do with the fact that mentioning Facebook in the song is tantamount to advertising.

So what to do? Well they could change the words of the song, but since it’s basically about Facebook and features the word Facebook approximately 48,000 times (together with the occasional not-so-subtle mention of Mark Zuckerberg) we have no idea how they would go about it. In other words, it looks as if they’ll have to scrap the ditty and come up with a new song instead. But that said, given just how utterly ridiculous said ditty is, are we sure they didn’t just make this rule up in order to allow them to find something better? Seriously San Marino, we know you’re the size of the editor’s thumbnail but is this REALLY the best you could do….?


4 Responses to “Is there a dislike button?”

  1. Just a heads up, Portugal has also selected their representative to the Eurovision: it’s Filipa Sousa, with “Vida Minha (My Life”). This song comes from the heads behind Portugal’s show-stopping power ballad “Senhora do Mar (Lady of the Sea”), who should have won in 2008.

    “Vida Minha” is another dull ballad, not unlike Portugal’s 2010 effort, “Há Dias Assim”.

    Congratz for your thorough and passionate work throughout the season! And let’s hope Eurovision stays true to its core and brings quality and spectacle to the biggest show in Europe!

  2. – this is the song.

  3. Omer Seferovic said

    Will you write something about Bosnian song for this year competition?
    Here it is:

  4. Caroline said

    Indeed, will be rounding up the last few songs very soon. Apologies for delay, have been up against it with work! (contrary to popular belief this is not my day job :)) Next day or so though…..

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