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Love Will Set You Free? Yes please!

Posted by DINRIL on March 19, 2012

So after much speculation, gnashing of teeth and general dischord about the choice of Engelbert Humperdinck to represent the UK in Baku (to the point when we actually had visions of some of you marching down to the BBC wearing medieval costume and holding flaming torches), the veteran crooner’s song for the contest has finally been unveiled. Love Will Set You free, penned by ace songwriters Sacha Skarbek (OK, he co-wrote James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful, but nobody’s perfect) and Martin Terefe, was revealed on the BBC’s official Eurovision website this morning – and the reaction has been as divided as you might expect. Some think it’s a potential winner, others aren’t so keen. There are of course others who have clearly branded it the worst song in the entire history of music simply because it’s a UK Eurovision entry and we all know how clever and fashionable it is to knock those. But our thoughts on what they can go and do are not reprintable on a family blog.

And as for our thoughts? Well, we’re so glad that we decided to wait until we’d heard the song before we passed judgment on whether Engelbert was the right man for the job – and sure enough, our patience has been rewarded. For Love Will Set You Free is the kind of simple, gentle, back-to-basics ballad the UK should have sent years ago – and in a contest where ballads are two a penny, it stands out as one of the best (frankly if we were Zeljko from Serbia we’d be quaking in our boots at the thought of pensioner power). Of course the ‘nul points’ naysayers have been out in full force since it was revealed – but since a) most of them have embraced the Russian grannies while continuing to denounce our own singing pensioner, and b) would be fawning over this song like flies around a bun if it had hailed from the Balkans or Eastern Europe, we’re not listening to them either. The fact is, this is simply one of the best efforts the UK has fielded in years – and even if it doesn’t win (and against the likes of Sweden we’ll be honest it has an uphill task), at least we won’t be the laughing stock of the continent this year. And in case you have yet to hear what all the fuss is about look no further:


4 Responses to “Love Will Set You Free? Yes please!”

  1. Anonymous said

    Not a fan of this (no, I absolutely detest the grannies) – it just seems quite bland. Maybe I would appreciate more after a few more listens.

    Should do well enough with the juries (reputation seems to count a lot with them). I guess it just depends on how many of the televoters are seventeen, and how many are seventy.

    • elizabeth said

      Agree entirely anon (although the grannies are a lil bit cute πŸ˜‰ ).

      My thoughts are “at least it’s not a Scooch or a Josh Dubovie”. It may be bland, but it’s sung well and it’s not drenched in feathers, pyrotechnics or sparkly gyrating dancers.

      It will be a great test of what the demographic of Eurovision watchers really is – do the oldies outweigh the youngsters after all? πŸ˜›

  2. Sophie said

    The only problem is that we have the worst draw possible. We’re going first. πŸ˜›

  3. Spike said

    I’d vernute that this article has saved me more time than any other.

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