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Posted by Caroline on May 26, 2012

… can find your editor here.


10 Responses to “Tonight….”

  1. rula said

    Excellent presentation of all Eurovision participants! Especially the Swedish choreography was an amazing reproduction of the geisha’s dance shown at the movie’MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA’.

  2. Hazel said

    Voting pathetic. BBC needs to withdraw all funding. Also participating countries should sing in their own language. The whole thing is a joke. The voting is so predictable. I used to love this competition when there was no politics but I no longer wish my taxes to be used for this propaganda.

  3. Rick Targett said

    Why ? do we let them take the piss . Its become fashionable ,not to vote for the UK entry..
    Enough now , spend the funding on something worthwhile.

  4. Caroline said

    On the plus side, perhaps the BBC can spend the money it doesn’t have to spend on hosting Eurovision next year on getting some decent celebrities for Strictly Come Dancing……:)

  5. Caroline said

    Of course if the rumours about changing the rules next year so that each country has to have some sort of national selection it could be very interesting (to say nothing of increasing the amount of hours we would have to spend watching national finals…..:)) Would be interesting to see how the public here reacts to such a thing – whether they would still have the old attitude and send the closest thing to a ‘joke’ entry (a la scooch 2007) on the basis we never win anyway – or whether there are enough people out there who do realise it’s possible for old-school countries to win and actually do think we could make an impact on the scoreboard with something half-decent (I mean we didn’t exactly disgrace ourselves last year did we?). To be fair, I didn’t think we’d win but I also thought we’d get a few more points than we ultimately did!

  6. Andrew said

    Well maybe if the UK actually made an effort to choose better entries, they wouldn’t end with such bad results. Sending an old has been was a sure way to finish at the bottom. Germany, Italy, and Spain made it to the top ten because they sent decent songs. Try someone like Adele and I guarantee a win. (Comment from an American that has been following Eurovision for quite a few years).

  7. Caroline said

    You’re right of course but the problem is that it’s highly unlikely Adele would do it due to the perception of Eurovision in this country as career death/desperation instead as the career boost that many of the acts from the continent see it as (plus of course do we really think she would actually be available to spend two weeks in Sweden in May (not to mention all the months of promotional work beforehand) performing a song which could potentially do nothing for her career. What really needs to change is the public and media perception towards the contest as a whole in this country, as we are currently trapped in a vicious cycle of everybody thinking we always come last so there is no point us making an effort, hence nobody really notable wants to represent us and so on and so forth, then we do badly and we all blame it on political voting or the fact nobody likes us (because of a war which was over a decade ago or some ridiculous excuse) when in fact all the so-called ‘political’ voters are doing are either voting for music they like on a cultural basis or artists they have heard of because they are big in Europe). Blue had the right idea last year but we failed to find somebody who could do similar this year and hence we’re now back to square one – it could be even harder to find someone big to represent us next year because of what happened in Baku.

    What the BBC delegation really needs to do for now is to start making plans for next year NOW like other countries will almost inevitably be doing, rather than sit tight for six months and then start panicking because no-one decent is available or they don’t have a song. Come next week they should already be contacting songwriters, artist reps etc about taking part next year, and deciding what kind of selection process they should have, and not waiting to see what might come up. It will only take one good song with a decent singer, well-marketed and promoted, with the entire country behind it, for things to change. Look at the effect that had on Germany, they were in the same boat as us a few years back, promptly changed their entire approach to the contest, won with Lena and haven’t been out of the top ten since! That is the kind of example we should be following…..

  8. anon said

    First, a quick recap. Once again, I have underestimated Albania (ugh!) and Estonia, both of whom managed to get into the top ten (from difficult draws, no less). I didn’t like them at their national selections, I didn’t pick them to get out of the semifinals, and I predicted they would finish poorly in the final. I also didn’t think Sweden would be as powerful as it was (if I had actually looked at the download charts, I would have realized the inevitable, and certainly picked them to win). Despite all of that, I still managed to get EIGHT OF THE TOP TEN correct (putting perennials Greece and Ukraine in my list, instead of the aforementioned two countries). I had my doubts that three of the big five (plus Azerbaijan) could all finish that high, but that is what I predicted, and Germany, Italy, and Spain finished eighth, ninth, and tenth, respectively. I don’t know of anyone else who did better than eight out of ten.

    “Of course if the rumours about changing the rules next year so that each country has to have some sort of national selection…”

    I believe I read on a web site (reporting on the EBU press conference) that that proposed rule will not happen (at least next year, but it could very well be considered again).

    “What the BBC delegation really needs to do for now is to start making plans for next year NOW like other countries will almost inevitably be doing…”

    Too obvious. 🙂

    Maybe they can find somebody on the way up (whose first album has just broken out big). Or maybe they should open the selection to foreign entrants. I thought I read somewhere (no idea if this is true or not) that Swedish songwriters wrote fourteen of the entries this year. They could probably combine a Swedish song with a Balkan or Russian singer and come up with a good result. 🙂

    “Look at the effect that had on Germany, they were in the same boat as us a few years back”

    Germany is quite good at adapting to change (not just in Eurovision).

  9. Ann said

    The UK entry was a rubbish song and a rubbish singer! Where do the BBC get their idea from that they know best? If we really wanted to win this joke of a programme, just look at the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent entries, any one of them would have been 100% better that the Hump. But – perhaps our Engelbert was chosen along with the song because this country can’t afford to host this ridiculous extravaganza next year, food for thought!

  10. Barrydyday said

    Hy there, kindlyoffers
    Are you in?

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