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It Begins….seven months in advance. Stop it.

Posted by Caroline on October 29, 2009

So next year’s Eurovision isn’t until May 29, a whole seven – count ’em – seven months from now, yet it seems some countries have already started making preparations. Bulgaria, for example, who have decided they will be represented by this chap, Miroslav Kostadino. We don’t even know what song he’ll be singing, when it will be chosen or any of those particularly salient details – all we know is that he’ll be singing it. And, er,  call us killjoys but doesn’t it all seem a tad early to anybody else?????? We’re way too entrenched in X Factor category and mulling over the all-conquering power of John and Edward to even think about what the rest of Europe might have planned for Oslo. But hey, nonetheless, he has been chosen, so, er, yay Miro. Or something.

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