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The Great Big Eurovision Experiment 2009 – Andorra

Posted by Caroline on April 17, 2009

susannegeorgiAndorra – we adore ya! Susanne Georgi takes on the Eurovision interview – and triumphs….

How does it feel to be representing your country at this year’s Eurovision
Song Contest?

It´s a great feeling. I´m going to be at the Eurovision stage 2009,
could a girl ask for more? The preparations are going really good, although it´s kind of hectic at the moment.We have real good response from all over Europe and that makes me SO happy.

What are you most looking forward to about taking part?
Well a bit of everything, I guess.I have a lot of friends who are gonna be there and It´s a great thing to be able to share with your loved once. Also I can´t wait to be on that stage,
it´s a dream come true.

What can we expect from your performance? Are you planning a lavish stage

Top-secret…..still 🙂

Have you ever been to Moscow and are you looking forward to it?
I have never been to Moscow and I look SO much forward to it. I love to
see the world and find out about new cultures.

Which of this year’s other songs do you rate?
I think that there are so many good songs this year and it´s always hard to
say who is gonna be the winner. I have a few on my mind that will go to
the top-but I will let you know after the show, hehe!!!

Which is your favourite Eurovision song of all time, and which is your
favourite from your home country?

I have lots of favourite songs, fx. Johnny Logan-Hold me or Olsen Brothers
Fly on the wings of love ( Danish winner 2000)

How do you think the return of jury voting might influence the final

I think that it´s a step in the right direction. Eurovision should be
about the songs and not so much politic. I hope that with the jury it can
help the good songs to get to the top. I would feel much better knowing
that professional people would pick the songs for being just songs and not
because they are a nabo-country.

Why do you think Eurovision is still so popular, even after all these

BUT YES!! The fans will be there and as long as people write new songs
there will be Eurovision!!!!

Have you heard the UK’s song this year and what do you think? Any chance
your country could give us some points this year (please…….? 🙂 )

Hahahaha…..I think it´s a lovely song and if it was up to me I sure
would give some pionts your way. I have a special tie to the UK, as my
sister Pernille ( also writer on Get a Life) lives in Nottingham.

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Posted by Caroline on February 6, 2009

The songs continue to come flying in, the latest being from Andorra’s Susanne Georgi. When the only words you can think of to describe a song are “pleasant”, “nice,” “inoffensive” and, er, “meh”, you know you’re in trouble…..

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