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Is it that time of year already…..??

Posted by Caroline on December 10, 2011

Is it really seven months since we were sat here, patriotic flags and assorted snacks in hand, cheering Blue and Jedward all the way to the finish line only to utter a slightly subdued ‘Oh’ when Azerbaijan scooped their first victory? (because we’re being honest, we’ve forgotten what that song sounds like already).Indeed it was, and if we’ve been a little quiet during the ensuing downtime it’s only because a little thing called work has gotten in the way. In the past seven months however we have witnessed a low-level buzz of Eurovision activity including preparations in Baku, the ‘will they won’t they?’ dilemmas of Slovakia and Israel (both of whom appear to have signed up for the madness of May 2012), Jedward’s threat to represent Ireland once again, and of course a deafening silence from the UK. Apart from the usual scattered random stories about us being represented by The Spice Girls/Mika/Beethoven/Keith Harris and Orville etc. etc.

But now it’s that time of year again, as national final season is about to get underway. Yes folks, in just a few hours Switzerland will choose its song for Baku – the first song to be chosen for Eurovision 2012 in fact. We’ll have the Albanian entry too before the month is out, and there’ll be a trickle of national finals in January before the inevitable flood of songs in February and March. But the Swiss quest has been attracting a bit more attention than usual this year, and it can only be down to the presence of the legendary Lys Assia, who won the first ever contest back in 1956 and is back for another go, thus far doing so well that she’s managed to make the national final and will be competing with those young folks for the ticket to Baku.

Although we’re a bit peturbed by her intention to wear the dress she won the contest with all those years ago in Saturday’s show (does the name Miss Havisham spring to mind or is it just us?), we’re kind of hoping the now 85-year-old Lys triumphs, because frankly that will make for far more interesting viewing than yet another round of Jedwardian larks. And even if her song, C’Etait Ma Vie, sounds a teensy bit too old-fashioned to actually score her a second victory, she would be a more than welcome addition to the line-up – and we reckon she could teach those young ‘uns a thing or two.

Oh and we should point out Lys is not the only familiar name who’s tried out for Switzerland this year. Anybody remember Same Difference, the appallingly wholesome brother/sister duo who inexplicably made it to the finals of The X Factor in 2007? Well they’ve also made a bid to represent the Swiss, the only problem being that their effort Music didn’t make it to the national final. We’re gutted, obviously (well you don’t sound it – Ed) But cheer up chaps, there’s always the UK. Maybe.

And on that note let the festivities commence….

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