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Go East? Er, no thanks….

Posted by Caroline on February 23, 2012

Why are we beginning to get the distinct impression that the Eurovision crown may be heading back westwards this year? Could it have something to do with this trio of not-quite-so-lovelies which were chosen over the weekend perchance? Let’s start with the Ukrainian entry this year, Gaitana’s Be My Guest which swept to a blindingly obvious victory last Saturday during a national final in which the judges greeted all the other entries with polite applause and slightly bored expressions, only to break into a rapturous standing ovation when our winner had finished her song. Anyway, Be My Guest is an anthemic little dance number aimed at welcoming visitors to the country for the forthcoming Euro 2012 championships (as in those which Poland is co-hosting, and which resulted in them saying they were too busy to take part in Eurovision this year. Yes. That’ll be it. Not even partially a discreet flounce based upon the fact you came LAST IN THE ENTIRE CONTINENT IN 2011.). And Gaitana is part Ukrainian, part Congolese. Hang on a second. Football anthem? Part Congolese? Didn’t France do this in 2010? Oh whatever. It’s not their finest hour, but this is Ukraine, who as we all know could sneeze in a bucket for three minutes and still make the final:



Probably the less said about the next two the better. Latvia came up with an utterly bizarre final on Saturday night which made us almost long for the ridiculousness of UK rap acts and, er, Scooch as a cavalcade of mad people dressed in Willy Wonka costumes, medievally dressed bands playing the lute and a woman wearing a giant wedding cake took to the stage. But the eventual winner was this, the slightly tongue-in-cheek Beautiful Song by Anmary. Bit of a divisive effort this one, with some actually quite liking it and others failing to see the irony behind lyrics which include ‘I was born in a distant 1980, the year that Irish Johnny Logan won’. (what, not 1987?) Er, yes, and I was born in 1971, the year that Monaco scored their one and only victory, what of it?? On this basis, we are already looking forward to Eurovision 2042, which may well feature a song that begins, ‘I was born in 2012, the year that Latvia single-handedly failed to make it out of the semi-final yet again:


And then we have Georgia’s effort, in which Anri Jokhadze informs us ‘I’m A Joker’. You are indeed, aren’t you? Ahem.


Still, there was one redeeming feature over the weekend, and that was the lovely Nina Badric from Croatia revealing her entry Nebo, aka Heaven. Not a lot to say about this since we didn’t have the added entertainment of a national final to sit through but this is a nicely stirring ballad which may yet redeem the Eastern Bloc. And we bet she’ll belt it out on the night.

And on that note we are off for a nice lie-down…..

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Cheer up already!!!!!!

Posted by Caroline on February 26, 2011

With Norway, Spain and the utterly divine song from Bosnia and Herzegovina (of which we shall speak in a moment) all pushing our Eurovision joy buttons this year, there had to be somebody there who was going to go all mean and moody on us. And that somebody is Georgia’s Eldrine, who barrel through their song One More Day (one more really bad day judging by the looks on their faces) looking so grim-faced and nu-metallish that this could really be a shock to the system if it finds itself sandwiched between Norway and Ireland. While this clearly isn’t a cheesy grin of a tune, we’re not sure quite why they look so downcast since this is actually one of the best songs of the contest so far.. Bet you’ll have plenty to smile about on the big night, guys…..:)

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Party Of Five….

Posted by Caroline on March 1, 2010

The national final season continues apace, and while we are having slight palpitations at the thought of next weekend, when songs are being chosen by the fistful, this weekend brought us another five to wine, dine, get to know and then invite back to our place for a nightcap. Let’s start with the Slovakian entry – and while we are the first to admit our hopes weren’t high after the long-absent central Europeans made one of the worst comebacks in contest history in 2009, we have to admit this one’s come as quite a pleasant surprise.  Horehronie by Kristina might come across as Ruslana-lite, and it’s not exactly world-class, but it’s still a damned sight better than we were expecting, and we might even venture to suggest this one has a chance of putting the Slovakians back in the final:

And so to Latvia. Now we’re convinced that one day the Latvians, the people who have in recent years brought us singing pirates, accapella singing accompanied by stick puppets,  Italian cod-opera and, er, that bloke who jumped up and down a lot last year, will at some point just enter a nice normal song and we’ll all be really disappointed that they have lost their ‘wacky’ edge. This year is not that year. What For (Only Mr God Knows Why) isn’t exactly a bad song as such, but the execution is so wondrously bizarre – singer Aisha (and you’ll note we use the word ‘singer’ in the loosest possible sense here) stands atop a giant podium initially in a dress that makes her look about nine feet tall, while a man playing an accordion wanders amid women in togas doing their washing. And that’s one of the more straightforward moments.  The whole thing reminded us curiously out of something from the musical Annie (only with slightly more grown-up orphans) and as such we can’t quite decide whether we like it or not. Still, if they don’t do well then the laundry ladies are more than welcome to come round to Team Eurovision HQ, since the washing machine is currently broken:

Then there’s the Bulgarian entry, Angel Si Ti by Miro, which in a shock move is a 2010 Eurovision entry which actually sounds like it was composed in 2010. It’s a bangin’ dance tune of the type we’ve come to expect from the Bulgarians in recent years, and the kind they seem to do so well, and if we’re being honest Miro is more than easy on the eye, with the kind of dazzling dental excellence that is seen on the Eurovision stage all too rarely. But of course we want him to get through to the final because of the quality of his music. Oh yes of course we do:

Belarus, meanwhile, slipped their entry in quietly with very little fuss and bother (are you listening, Malta??), so much so we almost forgot about it. Far Away by boy/girl group 3+2 is pretty standard Belarussian rock of the sort we’ve come to expect from them year after year after year after year (yawn. The magnificence of Koldun is beginning to look like a hazy memory), but it’s still a considerable improvement on last year’s effort.  Just one thing though, how weird is the audience for this one? Half of them look as if they’d rather be anywhere but watching yet another Eurovision entry which is likely to be on the next plane back to Minsk the second the semi-final is over, the other half just look a tad lost and puzzled:

And last but not least, we have the return to the contest of Georgia, following their controversial withdrawal from last year’s proceedings. This year’s effort is called Shine (we’re trying not to think about the Netherlands’ horrendous, similarly-titled effort from last year), a big epic ballad by the winsome Sofia Nizharadze. And we have just two words: potential winner. End of:

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We Don’t Want To Put In We Don’t Wanna Put In. Or something…

Posted by Caroline on March 16, 2009

Why does nobody ever tell us anything? Such as the fact that Georgia have withdrawn from this year’s contest? First we heard of it was when we came across the story on ESC Today the other day, saying that they had decided to pull out of the contest rather than alter their disco-tastic song We Don’t Wanna Put In, after the EBU decided the track broke the rules of the contest which state no political lyrics are allowed.

We can’t say we’re surprised, quite frankly, since it might have been tough finding a new song at this stage, and clearly the Georgians would rather make a stand for a song they believe in, which is fair enough. But we must add that we hope it’s only a temporary withdrawal. Georgia have only been in the contest for a couple of years but they’re already shaping up to be one of the more promising new participants and we would hate to think they have flounced off in a permanent huff. See you in 2010?

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See anyone you recognise……?

Posted by Caroline on February 24, 2009

Without blowing any editorial trumpets, we feel compelled to draw your attention to this…….

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Come again?

Posted by Caroline on February 19, 2009

Did we hear the title of the Georgian entry correctly? We Don’t Wanna Put In? We Don’t Wanna Put In what, exactly? Do you people have no idea of the fundamentals of English grammar? Oh, hang on a sec…..Georgia, recent events relating to the disputed regions South Ossetia and Abkhazia, contest in Russia, Russian prime minister Vladimir – oh we get it. Ladies, that’s very naughty, and you will probably have to change your title to something innocuous possibly relating to desserts like Verka Serduchka did.

Us? We’re just sat here waiting for the controversy to erupt. Judge for yourselves, people…..

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