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Sleeping Satellite?

Posted by DINRIL on March 19, 2010

Continuing our plough through the recently selected songs for Oslo 2010, we come to the German entry, a daunting prospect indeed given that we’re still slightly traumatised by Oscar Loya and his Bacofoil trousers from last year. This year they’ve gone for a winsome young thing named Lena Meyer-Landrut, who won the chance to represent L’Allemagne through the Pop Idol-esque show Unser Star Fur Oslo. And yet somehow we’re wishing they hadn’t. Because her song, Satellite, sounds like something cobbled together in about two and a half minutes by an angsty student type who’s been listening to too many Alanis Morrissette albums. At least if the lyrics, all about buying blue underwear and painting one’s toenails are anything to go by. Do we actually, possibly think that the Germans have just given up any hope of ever winning? Because frankly if this is the best they can come up with then that second victory could be years, nay decades, away….


5 Responses to “Sleeping Satellite?”

  1. armando said

    I kind of like it. It’s catchy and has a strange out-of-control vibe – the demented pronunciation, the fact that she doesn’t dance or perform very well at all. It’s somewhere in my top 10 (which is no great feat this year).

    Have you checked out the French song yet? It’s charmlessly dreadful, like a cross between a football chant and a novelty kids’ dance hit. I feel totally betrayed by my favourite Eurovision country…

  2. Caroline Westbrook said

    I heard the French song last night but haven’t had a chance to blog it yet. It is basically a stooooooopid football chant but oddly catchy. I can’t understand why they have chosen to enter their World Cup theme as their song, mind. Why not just leave it as their World Cup theme and enter a different song (especially given they have improved considerably in recent years with Sebastien Tellier and Patricia Kaas?)

    As for it being a children’s song I’m not even convinced my three-year-old will like it much (she seems to favour things like Hora Din Moldova from 2009. Seriously……:) )

  3. Caroline Westbrook said

    The one thing I will say for the French song though is at least it’s bouncy and uptempo, and goodness knows we could do with a few more of those this year. I wonder what the Ukrainians will come up with in their all new national final tonight?

  4. Cherie said

    It’s funny you should say that… Germany is one of the big favorites this year 🙂

    Just shows your personality: 1) You’re very unprofessional if you seriously think that your opinion is the only one that matters. 2) You have no clue about Eurovision 🙂

  5. Caroline said

    As it happens, I’ve completely changed my mind about this song – having heard it a number of times now it’s actually become one of my favourites and I can really see the appeal, in fact I’m even beginning to think it might win.

    The only reason I’ve not blogged about this yet is due to time constraints from other work commitments (believe it or not I don’t just sit in a darkened room writing words about Eurovision all day, I do have another actual job plus a child to look after so sometimes this becomes what it is, a humungous hobby and so sometimes changes of opinion slip through the net).

    As for seriously thinking my opinion is the only one that matters, perhaps you could show me where I said that? I don’t seem to recall it turning up in the copy. Besides, isn’t that the opinion of pretty much everybody in the world who runs a blog which involves commentating on a particular topic? If that were the case then there are an awful lot of people out there who are thinking their opinion is the only one that counts.

    I don’t run this blog to force my opinions on others I can assure you. There are plenty of songs I like this year that others don’t and vice versa and I honestly couldn’t care whether people agree with me or not. In fact having differences of opinion over songs is part of the fun of the contest, surely? As is reserving the right to change one’s mind over a certain song…..:)

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